The balance of nature and society

One of the most laughable things about the Global Warming myth is how the chicken-littles so conveniently ignore the balance inherent in the earth’s ecology. Several factors come together to create a self-balancing system when it comes to the temperature of the planet. For one, higher temperatures mean more evaporation from the earth’s oceans, more evaporation, more water content in the atmosphere, less sunlight getting through, lower temperatures. There are several other self-regulating factors that God built into this wonderful planet expressly for the purpose of making Al Gore look like a moronic, gas-bag. (Okay, that maybe wasn’t the main reason, just a delightful side benefit. Also, one could argue, I suppose, that it hardly take an Omnipotent Being to make Al Gore look like a moronic, gas-bag. I agree, but that’s another post.)

But I’m surprised (although I really shouldn’t be) that that same balance seems to exist in society. Our nation was founded on the principle of religious freedom, specifically because religious persecution had been such a prevalent evil in those days. Now, 200 some-odd years later, we’ve grown complacent enough that we’ve allowed the evil to return. The original intent to use the Constitution to prevent the government from interfering in religion so as to allow the positive impact religion has on society and politics, has been turned on its head to require the government to interfere in religion in order to prevent religion from interfering in government. Meanwhile Christians are told that they should avoid politics, leave their morality outside the voting booths and keep their faith private, all the while secularists dominate politics, vote their morality and proselytize even in taxpayer funded schools.

But a fascinating trend is emerging.

More Christians are choosing to go into law. More Christians are seeking political office. More Christians are seeing the government schools as a ripe, mission field. More Christians are pulling their own kids out of government schools to educate at home. More para-church organizations are forming in order to combat secularist organizations like the ACLU and Norman Leer’s PAW.

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After decades of following the rules, only to have ballot initiative reverse by activist judges and judicial nominees emerge as stealth socialists we now have a Supreme Court with a majority of justices that support the concept of Original Intent and the rest aging fast.

Both Colorado and Georgia are mounting major assaults on Roe v. Wade.

In Massachusetts a Christian law student is suing the Massachusetts Board of Examiners for including a question that presumes the legality of homosexual marriage in state’s bar exam. Would anyone have thought to do such a thing 20 years ago?

What secularist assumed were a passive group have become, because of the secularists’ assault on traditional values, a formidable opponent. And what’s so ironic is that for decades the secularists have been whining about the "danger" of the "religious right" when it’s only been within the past few years that traditionalists, which includes many Christians and Jews, have finally been able to even create a level playing field, let alone actually make any major political progress beneath the jack-booted heel of relativistic, socialist control. It’s only after decades that we were able to fully comprehend the battlefield, and what strategy would work, while not compromising ethics, something the secularist have never been burdened with.

Yes, Reagan was president for 8 years, and Bush1, 4 years after that. But during those 12 years, an estimated 552 million innocent babies were murdered and 2 of our Liberal/Socialist Supreme Court Justices were put on the bench. (Another had been put there by Gerald Ford.) What Reagan and Bush1 were able to accomplish, because of the lack of organization from traditionalists, came at the expense of other, very important things. The same way that the socialist advances Clinton accomplished came at the price of major advances for traditionalists.

But now the secularists face an organized, educated opponent that have learned important lessons over the years and are more equipped to combat the underhanded tactics of groups like the ACLU and the DNC.

Thus we see Societal balance. Unfortunately the balance seems to teeter between freedom and totalitarianism, not two extremes on either side of a reasonable middle as some like to portray it. When we fail to fight for freedom, enslavement commences. Enslavement spurs us to fight for freedom. And on it goes…

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