The Black Conservative Census 2010!

I am THRILLED to post this announcement from my buddy Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere and author of “The Big Black Lie.”

Black Conservative Coalition Announces the Black Conservative Census 2010

Black Conservative Coalition
Announces the Black Conservative Census 2010
Black Conservatives Offer Alternative to NAACP

May 4, 2010–St. Louis, MO– Kevin Jackson of The Black Sphere and Chris Arps of, announce the Black Conservative Coalition, a group formed to offer blacks an alternative to the current mainstream political organizations for blacks, specifically the NAACP. In celebration the 2010 census year, the group is conducting the Black Conservative Census 2010.

‘Our intention is to show just how large the black Conservative population is in America,” Chris Arps, founder of notes, “which is a much more powerful political voice than the media estimates. Black Conservatives are not usually a vocal group, but by bringing them together in a safe landing zone, we can become as powerful a political voice as the NAACP.”

“The Black Conservative Coalition will be highlighting the many Black Conservative groups such the National Black Republican Association, African-American Conservatives, the Frederick Douglass Foundation, and the many other organizations that serve the Black Conservative Community,” explains Kevin Jackson, author of Amazon best-selling book, The BIG Black Lie. “By bringing the hundreds of Black Conservative groups together, we will be developing the many leaders in the community which will become available for interviews by the media to give voice to the Black Conservative viewpoint on many racial issues that constantly arise due mainly to demagogues on the Left.”

The website portal, found at, will also eventually reflect the Black Conservative viewpoint with news feeds from such well known Black Conservative icons as Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, and Shelby Steele to name a few, along with forums for conversation. The portal will also have a community calendar available for the Black Conservative groups to post their events, which will promote events that the liberal media does not cover. With the various groups sharing information, more people will learn about the good work being done by Black Conservatives to empower the black community, in an attempt to undo the victim mentality that has been made pervasive by the Left.

Ultimately Black Conservative groups would offer input when a local issue blows up into national news, giving a conservative voice to the issue instead of the monolithic liberal viewpoint the media usually portrays.

The Black Conservative Coalition will provide a place for the Conservative voices of the Black Community to step up and be counted thereby changing the national dialogue.

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