The Bush Doctrine & Gadhafi’s WMD

Without question, Gadhafi decision to give up his WMD programs has EVERYTHING to do with the Bush doctrine. After Gadhafi saw what we did to Iraq, saw that weren’t a paper tiger, he made the smart choice and decided to get rid of his WMD.

Of course, there are plenty of people on the left who refuse to accept the obvious truth as the WSJ points out,

“It’s amusing to see the same people who have opposed the Bush Doctrine now claiming that Gadhafi’s conversion is the triumph of “diplomacy.” European Commission President Romano Prodi averred on the weekend that Libya’s reversal “demonstrates the effectiveness of discrete diplomacy and engagement, which has been the European Commission’s consistent approach.” The French and Senator John Kerry said something similar, as usual. “

The protestations of people like Romano Prodi and John Kerry bring to mind a particularly apt quote from Ann Coulter,

“No matter what the evidence, liberals insist that only their tender ministrations are capable of calming murderous dictators. Negotiation and engagement are said to “work” because, after Democrats spend years dillydallying with lunatic despots who threaten America, eventually a Republican president comes in and threatens aggressive military action. In a fascinating fifty-year pattern — completely indiscernible to liberals — murderous despots succumb to “engagement” shortly after a Republican president threatens to bomb them. This allows liberals to hail years of impotent negotiation and engagement as a foreign policy ‘win’.”


It wasn’t the sweet words of diplomats that convinced Gadhafi to get rid of his WMD, it was an image like this in his head,

Thanks to RWN reader Gary Chapline for the photoshopped image. If you want a nicer, cleaner, 139 kb version of the image, click here.

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