The case for a Rubio-Martinez ticket in 2016

After the blame game, name calling, and infighting subsides, Republicans of all stripes need to come together for one common goal. To win the election in 2016 in order to salvage what will be left of this country. We need a new 21st Century version of Republicanism that is more palatable to single woman and more genuine to minority voters. We need an all minority ticket in 2016.

What we don’t need however is Washington Republicans abandoning our core beliefs and principles just to pander for votes they will never receive. All we need is a fresh new face. That face will need to be a little darker or perhaps even a little more tan than we are used to. This new face will need to articulate our vision for a better, brighter, and more prosperous America. This new face will need to carry our message of limited government, free market principles, and lower taxes to a much more diverse and broader audience.

There is no doubt that America is changing but that doesn’t mean we can’t have a say in how it changes. It is often said that sometimes in order for us to grow we need to put ourselves in a position of unfamiliar territory that is outside of our comfort zone. This is exactly what Republicans need to do.

In order for us to win we need a bigger coalition of voters. In order to grow that coalition we need to extend our reach. Our party must be willing to reach out to voters in places that routinely only Democrats go to. We need to have urban outreach centers in every major big city in America. We need to go into minority communities and not be afraid to compare and contrast our values and principles to that of the Democrats. When a clear and concise argument is made for conservatism and against liberalism we almost always win. We can’t be afraid to tell these voters why liberal policies are not working for them and never will. We must be able to win the argument that the Republican Party and our guiding principles is what will make their lives more freer, their wallets larger, and their families stronger. They will listen to us because what we want for them and all Americans is what they want for themselves. They just need to hear it from people they can relate to better.

This is why a Marco Rubio-Suzanna Martinez ticket could be the winning combination in 2016.

Both of these candidates together could kill two birds with one stone. The Republican Party has a gender gap and a minority gap. According to the exit polls this past election more women voted then men. Women have become more successful and dominant in the workforce and have just about shattered that glass ceiling for good. They are also rapidly changing the electorate as well.

Another group that Republicans have a trust deficit with is Hispanic voters. These voters have been scared away from the Republican Party because of our so called hard line stance against illegal immigration. The truth is our stance is not a hard line stance it is a rule of law stance. What better messengers could their possibly be to reach these voters than a Hispanic Man and a Hispanic woman?

The Democrats will say we are pandering to the Hispanic Community by running two Hispanics on the ticket. The fact of the matter is we can’t afford to care what the other side thinks. Some might say it is Paul Ryan’s turn to lead the party in 2016. Paul Ryan would make a great President some day but now is not that time. Marco Rubio is a well known and well respected Senator with enough name recognition to not need much of an introduction. Suzanna Martinez is currently the governor of New Mexico but she will need to be introduced to voters. Both candidates are pro family, pro life, and for limited government. This combination will be able to convincingly and genuinely speak to woman and minority voters. They will be able to compare and contrast liberal policies to that of conservative policies. They will give the Republican Party that fresh new face.

It is a safe bet that the Democrats will be sticking to the formula that has worked for the past eight years. They took a gamble in 2008 by running a half White, half African American candidate and it paid off. They will not be abandoning that philosophy in 2016.

The days of the White male Democrat may be over, at least for a while. With the exception of Hilary Clinton, the Democratic Party will almost certainly nominate a minority in 2016. They have a deep bench of minority candidates to choose from. Newark Mayor Cory Booker, San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, and Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa just to name a few.

We must strategically outsmart the Democrats in order to win in 2016 and beyond. In order to accomplish that task we will need to capture a much larger share of their core constituents; and motivate and mobilize our own. The attitude of my candidate isn’t perfect so I will sit on the sidelines will be the death of America and our party. Our country is in great peril financially, socially, and morally. This is not the time for purity. This is the time for unity. This is a time for action. This is the time to think outside the box.

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