The Conservative Tea Party Protests & Townhalls Vs. The Liberal G20 Protests

Just about every slur that you can imagine has been thrown at people who attended tea parties and townhalls this summer. They’ve been called “tea baggers,” “racists,” “thugs,” “Nazis,” “un-American,” & “mobs.” The attendees of these events have been incessantly attacked by the media, grossly insulted by members of Congress, and accused of fomenting violence, radicalism, and hatred.

Yet, all it took was one day of liberals protesting at the G20 to undeniably prove by comparison how slanted and dishonest the attacks we’ve been hearing for the last month have really been. After you read this excerpt from the TimesOnline, you tell me how honest the coverage and commentary about the tea parties and townhalls have really been:

Anti-G20 protesters rampaged through the city centre of Pittsburgh tonight, smashing up shops and throwing rocks at police, as officers used tear gas and baton-charges in an attempt to bring them under control.

In riots which continued through evening rush hour, about 300 protesters were reported to have remained from an initial crowd of 2,000 in Bloomfield, Pittsburgh’s Little Italy.

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Frustrated in their attempts to reach the venue where world leaders are meeting the crowd, many of whom wore face-masks and armed themselves with rocks, broke windows at fast-food restaurants, a BMW dealership and a bank in the area, about a mile from the fenced-off convention centre.

Police in body armour and armed with plastic shields threw pepper gas canisters to disperse the protesters, charging in to make some arrests.

Some reports also suggested that rubber bullets had been used, but police tonight confirmed that they had fired pellet-filled “beanbags” to combat the rioters.

“In response to having sticks, bricks and rocks thrown at them in the Shady Side neighborhood of Pittsburgh, police responded with bean bag rounds and dispersed the crowd,” Bill Crowley, an FBI agent, told the AFP news agency.

After reading that, you tell me who’s really acting like a “mob.” You tell me who the “thugs” really are. You tell me who deserves to be called “un-American.”

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