The ‘Controllers’ Ate Your Baby:

The ‘Controllers’ Ate Your Baby: This is too funny! I across an interview with someone named Victor Thorn and he imparts some of his wisdom to the masses in a long, rambling, and slightly unhinged interview. It’s filled with gems like…

“I see this country being deliberately undermined by hidden forces that have seized control of our government by nefarious means, and thus use it to further promote their Globalist agenda. These shadowy figures, who I’ve labeled the Controllers, don’t operate with our best interests in mind, but instead their own.”

“…The Controllers’ aim for centuries has been the establishment of an occult-based New World Order where national boundaries will all but be eliminated. There will still be certain “regions” such as the “Americas,” but the world will more closely resemble modern-day Europe with a common currency and unified States. The United Nations, or a similar organization, will replace individual governments, and there will be global concepts introduced, such as a World Tax, World Court, World Anthem, and World Army.

“…It is my assertion that these political leaders (George Bush, Bill Clinton, Ted Kennedy, etc.) aren’t elected, but “selected” by groups such as the Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission, and the Bilderbergs. If Americans ever peered behind the veil and saw the Wizard of Oz illusion that controls their political system, they’d be shocked beyond belief.”

Read and enjoy! Thanks to Damian Penny for finding this interview.

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