The First Edition Of The

The First Edition Of The Blogosphere Round-Up: Every week or two I’m planning to do a quick little review of some of some of what’s going on in the blogging world. I’ll try to keep it short but sweet….

AsparaGirl is back but Matt Welch is leaving for a while. On the humor front, File13’s Amish Tech Support has been spreading like a disease through the blogosphere after it was “discovered” by Instapundit. Now if Glenn ever “discovers” Brass Knuckles Webzine I can get some political traffic going over there as well. Speaking of being “discovered”, I’m still hoping that I’ll be “discovered” by C-log, Andrew Sullivan, or The Corner so that Conservative influx of traffic will keep us growing at a rapid pace. Tim Blair and the VodkaPundit are doing “Instapundit-quality” work lately and the Instapundit himself is as good as ever. NZ Bear is starting to develop a nice “Matt Welchish” style although I wish he’d update his “Blogosphere Ecosystem”. Dawn Olsen has a new pic up, Mickey Kaus never responded to my request for an interview, and On The Third Hand is another blog I’m starting to enjoy. That’s all of the round-up for this week…happy blogging.

(**Update**: C-log linked me and added me to their permalinks this weekend. Much thanks to Jon Garthwaite at C-log)

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