The Daily Kos Post Of The Day: Is Congress Being Blackmailed By W.H.?

If the Kossacks didn’t exist, conservatives would have to invent them. I mean, DK is an enormously popular and influential liberal blog. So much so, that Democratic politicians, even the ones running for President, fall all over themselves to kiss the rings of the Kossacks — yet, here’s the sort of “crazy” that’s being pumped out on a daily basis over there (From Daily Kos diarist rainmanjr),

Is Congress being blackmailed by W.H.?

Is it spinelessness, political caution (to get Ind. voters in 2008), financial profiteering from Mil/Ind Complex investments, lack of conviction, or simply not being good at stopping Rethug’s from blocking legislation that makes our Congress ineffectual? Or is there another, more nefarious, reason for their inability to stand up to White House?

I made a comment, earlier, about how Pelosi talked tough to W.H. but, then, backed down on everything. Senate can’t put up any real fights, either. Couldn’t even nab Gonzo. Now we get the FISA-Telecomm deal. I got to wondering if lots of Dem. Congress People are being blackmailed. That would explain a lot of folding and playing dead. Wireless surveillance could have been done on our House/Senate people, learning things that Rove could use, and now they’re afraid. Maybe they were even quietly threatened with plantings of drugs, kid porn, gay porn, National Review…that kind of sorted thing. You get tagged with any of this stuff and your career is over.

Are the Kossacks buying this? Indeed they are. We know this because there’s a poll on the post and here are the results,

So, at America’s largest and most influential liberal blog (or 2nd largest — the HuffPo may be bigger even though they don’t have as much juice as the Daily Kos), 89% of the audience thinks Democrats in Congress are either being blackmailed by the Bush Administration or that it “sounds possible,” while 9% say “no” or that it “sounds unlikely.”

This sort of mass psychosis is why crazy has become the new normal for the American Left.

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