The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Cheney’s Treason!

Now this is a fun poll from over at the Democratic Underground,

Poll question: Very simple DU poll: Richard B. Cheney has committed crimes, including treason Y/N?

Voting Yes implies these crimes have been committed since occupying the office of VPOTUS as well as demanding accountability under law and our Constitution.

So, 94% of the DUer’s think Cheney committed treason and should be presumably hung from the neck until dead for his crimes, which is the sort of, “accountability under law and our Constitution,” that treason merits?

Wonder what his treasonous act was supposed to be? Working for Halliburton? Being a Republican from Wyoming? Taking positions on the issues that liberals find to be really “mean?”

Ah, it doesn’t really matter, does it? They’ll can all agree he’s guilty of treason now and they’ll figure out something that he’s actually done wrong later. That seems to be their strategy on impeachment, so why not go in the same direction on treason charges?

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