The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Americans Are As Bad As Al-Qaeda

It’s time to take another trip into the moral equivalence sewer that so much of the American left seems to enjoy frolicking in these days. So put on your rubber galoshes and get ready for these quotes from the Democratic Underground thread called “Are Americans supposed to be better than Al Qaeda?

DrWeird: Are Americans supposed to be better than Al Qaeda Because it’s awful hard to tell the difference between the new pics and the Berg beheading.

htuttle: At least we’re still better than Stalin! Right?………………………………right?

MrSlayer: Yes. We are supposed to be better but unfortunately we have failed to be. And the orders came from the top to be as bad if not worse.

MikeG: Remember Osama chuckling over the WTC deaths? Now look at the new picture of the girl smiling over the dead Iraqi body. Any similarity?

HypnoToad: Purportedly. Everything going on, by both sides, is atrocious. But “the other side” is supposed to be the terrorists. We, as a civilized country, have a higher standard, especially when Bush* shovels out the “We are compassionate” mantra all the time. We’re only proving how we are really like those we hate. Possibly worse.

We’ve ruined our own reputation by our own soldiers, possibly even by those who run the country – particularly if they support all this in any way shape or form. We’ve enraged the world and have added fuel to the fire, thereby creating more REAL terrorists. As Bush has said a lot of things about this being a long war, could this be a part of his plan – to create more terrorists by any means necessary to ensure that only (his idea) of “peaceful people” remain?

Senior citizen: How could we be? Al Queda is a faith-based organization, and Bush is on a mission from God. I always have difficulty trying to assign positive values to religous fanatics and zealots, even if one is the clear underdog. All I know is that if I try to intervene and stop two mad dogs from fighting, they’ll probably both try to rip my throat out. My understanding is that the age of enlightenment and the establishment of a haven from religious persecution in America, was supposed to lead the world out of the then-ubiquitous holy wars and into reason and peace. Returning to the dark ages and matching jihad with crusade means going backwards.

oblivious: I have seen no convincing evidence that Al-qaeda even exists. So I can’t compare Americans to a myth.

I mean it. I read all the “expert” reports, interviews and columns on Al-qaeda, and they are all contradictory. When you put them all side by side, sort of in table form, you realise that either the experts don’t have a clue, or the whole thing is a myth, a cleverly constructed bit of propaganda to frighten the masses and provide a suitable hate figure.

BabsSong: There is a very basic difference. We lie about what we do. Al Qaeda calls up and says “hey, dude, did you catch what we just did??”. They actively recruit people to go out and kill Americans. We recruit people and tell them they are “protecting this country” (from what—an explosive camel with a WMD up it’s butt??). We tell the world we are the princes of light and are the heart of darkness. They tell the people that they are on a mission from God to kill—at least they are honest about it.

To the members of the “hate America left”, like the people I quoted in this thread, America is the root of all evil and they will any excuse to attack America for everything that’s wrong in the world. Unfortunately, these people are not on the fringes. They are a large, significant, & influential part of today’s liberal “mainstream”. Don’t believe that’s true?

Well, then all I have to say is take a look at John Kerry’s official blog and guess which page is linked?

When the man who wants to be the next President of United States has you permanently linked from his website, what does that say about whether your opinions are in the mainstream or on the fringes?

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