The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: Bush Won’t Step Down If He Loses!

Wondering what those lovable kooks at the Democratic Underground are talking about today? Well, apparently more than a few of them thinks Bush is going to pull a classic “El Presidente” move. Ya know, cheat as much as possible, hope that you win, but declare yourself dictator if you lose. Here are a few select posts from the DUers (pay special attention to the last one, it’s especially deranged)…

Zhade (1000+ posts): “Proposition: The Bush Administration will not give up power in 2004. This hit me again on the way home – my gut instinct is that after stealing an election, consolidating their power, and pursuing extreme policies, the Bushies will not willingly give up power, no matter the results of the presidential election – assuming such an election is actually held.

Yes? No? Thoughts?”

meg (395 posts): “There is no doubt in my mind that they would do whatever it takes to stay in power. They are not going to give up peacefully. They have shown repeatedly that they do not respect the rule of law. They have shown repeatedly that they do not respect the constitution. They have shown repeatedly that they don’t mind Americans dieing for their cause”

Hell Hath No Fury (1000+ posts): “They’ve been waiting for this opportunity since…the late 80s and are in the first stages of their Pax Americana.

They are NOT going to let this go without a fight — and a dirty one at that.

How far are they willing to go?

I have come to the conclusion after three years that they may go to lengths that will blow our collective minds.

Personally, I am thinking some sort of massive attack that is “foiled” by Bush et al right before election time, or a national emergency that pulls the country together or delays elections.”

seekthetruth (1000+ posts): “i agree. they are corrupt to the bone and will NEVER relinquish power now. the fix is in.”

tom_paine (1000+ posts): “Yep, a little shot of Potassium Chloride behind the ear And we’ll have weeks of 24/7 “Dead Soviet Treatment” of Raygun from the Imperial Amerikan Press.

I’m guessing that’s what’s going to happen.”

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