We Shouldn’t Get Rid Of Social Security

Here are a few comments from the “Helping Out The Paranoid Lefties Who Think The Right Is Evil” thread that I wanted to address…

“John, I agree with most of your points, except I am for doing away with Social Security. Why should I be forced to pay into a Ponzi scheme?” — Crusader

“I am absolutely against Social Security and any other type of entitlement that allows for the government to control our money.” — Billary2004

“I am in favor of ridding ourselves of Social Security.” — Greywolf

First off, I do understand where all these people are coming from. In fact, I would probably agree with just about every negative thing you can say about Social Security. The Social Security “trust fund” is really an IOU, it’s going to be a real budget buster starting in about a decade or so, I don’t think the government should force you to pay into the program, etc, etc, etc. I could go on and on.

That being said, I don’t support getting rid of the program for two reasons.

First off, getting rid of Social Security isn’t politically possible under any circumstances that I can imagine. In fact, you’d have a better chance of talking the American people into replacing the Lincoln memorial with a giant statue of Benedict Arnold than you would of convincing them to get rid of Social Security. Even if the Supreme Court were to rule the program unconstitutional, a week later the Congress would just push through an Amendment to put the program back in place. So you’re just tilting at windmills by talking about ending Social Security.

Secondly, considering how long Social Security has been around and how it has been promoted by the government on both sides of the aisle, it would be wrong to simply get rid of the program at this point. I mean how do you tell tens of millions of people who have been paying into Social Security for 45 years, who have been promised over and over again by the government that they can count on that money for their retirement, that they’re getting nothing? Yes, I know that every dime they’ve paid in has already been spent by the government, but most of them don’t know that and wouldn’t care if they did. As far as they’re concerned, since they paid into the “trust fund” for all these years, they deserve to reap the rewards when they turn 65.

To be honest with you, I don’t think that they’re wrong.

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