The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: The Horrors Of Patriotism, Unity, & Supporting The Troops

This may be one of the most fascinating threads I’ve ever read on the Democratic Underground. Here’s a synopsis of what’s going on.

Some school in the Denver area had a 3rd grade Holiday Concert. So did they sing songs about Christmas or Christ? Oh no, like so many liberal dominated schools today, they stayed away from that whole concept.

You see, despite the fact we’re in a country founded by people seeking religious freedom, despite the fact that kids studied the Bible in public schools in the days of Founding Fathers, despite the fact that Christmas is a Christian holiday celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, we have schools that are so full of liberals who hate and/or fear Christianity, that they don’t even want to touch on the reason for the season.

In any case, this school put on a holiday concert that was EVEN MORE offensive to the libs than a concert full of songs like “Silent Night” or “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”. What do they do? Well, they put on a show featuring songs about patriotism, unity, and support for the troops in a time of a war.

Now this was very upsetting to the people at the Democratic Underground who are apparently reminded of Nazi Germany by songs like the “Star Spangled Banner”. As if that were not amazing enough, many of the people in this thread seemed to take for granted that things like patriotism, unity, and support for the troops were, by their very nature, things that only Republicans would support.

Liberals get SO UPSET if you question whether the left on the whole is patriotic as right or if you point out that many liberals hate America. Then you read a thread like this, full of liberals not even trying to hide how they feel, and you wonder why so many libs even try to deny it.

Just read these posts and you’ll see what I mean…

walldude: What a cute little display of Fascism. I went to my sons 3rd grade Holiday Concert tonight. I went expecting to hear the kids sing some holiday songs. HA! Not in G.W’s America. This was the song selection for the show:

1.This is America
2.I love My Country
3.Star Spangled Banner
4.Wishing You Were Here(dedicated to the troops that are defending our freedom in Iraq)
5.American Tears
6.The Mighty United
7. The Lights of Freedom

These songs were interspersed with little speeches about the glory of being an American. One actually said “America is made up of Moms and Dads and Teachers and Soldiers. Soldiers who defend our freedom and liberty.” There were at least 5 references to soldiers in the 35 minute concert. I have to say that my favorite part was The Mighty United section where they made the kids talk about how great and mighty America is as long as we are united. I swear all they needed was a giant George Bush banner for us to pray and pledge our allegiance to.

It’s bad enough our poor country has gone from being the lovable underdogs to the big bully on the block, but to brainwash little kids into thinking that being the bully is “right” is pathetic. My oldest son is in 5th grade at the same school and this is the first time in 6 years that I have seen the school do anything like this. I’m looking forward to confronting the music teacher to see if she chose this little “program” or if it was chosen for her.

brainshrub: Remember: It’s not facism when Republicans do it.

nadinbrzezinski: What is next? Bush’s Youth? Oh and didn’t the voice from the WH told is this was coming? Yep I think he was right, and the rallies are not that far off.

idiosyncratic: Reading that just made me sick. Excuse me while I run to the bathroom to (puke).

Slit Skirt: unfrigginbelievable. I tell ya what…if it were my kids school……..ooooohh..I can not even tell you how pissed i would be.

Maat: God bless you for going through it! my nice progressive, inclusive rainbow-appreciative One-Energy God). Anyway … I appreciate your stamina.

I don’t fight it with my 8-year-old anymore. When she sings, ‘I’m proud to be an American,’ I just smile. I talk about Americans we can be proud of … like Michael Moore. I’m sure her teacher appreciates that.

donheld: That is just sickening. Much of Colorado needs an exorcism.

maumcc1: This scares the hell out of me. I don’t like this, don’t like it at all. Young minds can be so manipulated.

Sugarbleus: Wow, that IS pretty aweful… Good for you in speaking w/ teachers. You are right; the image that comes to mind reading this is:

SADDAM Hussein. All HIS pics all over the country; kids praising HIS rule and his dictates etc etc… (Hitler also comes to mind) “Praise the Fatherland” etc… holy cow!

Very chilling. Let us know how your conference with Music Teacher goes.

What a sad note for your kid’s school holiday “celebration”.

BiggJawn: Raising good little Buschjugend. There was a speech in the movie “Destination Tokyo” with Cary Grant where his character told the crew of the Sub a story about how the Japanese gave their 5-y-o boys knives and we gave ours toy trains.

Guess we’ll soon be giving OUR 5 y-o’s knives…

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