The Democratic Underground Post Of The Day: We’re Geniuses, You’re Stupid!

I know I’ve been going to the DU well a lot over the last three days, but they keep producing such FANTASTIC material I haven’t been able to resist. Here’s one from a thread that hits the same theme Hesiod did in the post yesterday — the American people are simply too stupid to know what’s good for them (just to be fair, I want to note that there were people who disagreed with them)…

What we MUST realize in order to win – Americans are stupid and uninformed

Janekat: “This is very important because in order to win we must understand the way the average American thinks. I’m afraid WE have nothing in common with them.

I came to the two following conclusions when I saw the large number of people who voted for Bush back in 2000.

#1 – I would dare to assume that most of us here are in the upper 1%-20% of the population intelligence-wise. We must come to the realization that the majority of the population is in the lower 80% to 99% percent of the bell-curve. WE are not the norm. The Republicans understand that the average American is not very bright. They cater and pander to the masses. The Democratic Party tries to appeal to the population about “issues” that these people just don’t understand.

I’ve heard it said that the reason that Clinton’s sex scandal resonated so strongly among “the people” was because it was a scandal that the average American understood. The average person can’t understand a financial scandal.

In addition, people of average or lower intelligence tend to not be as logical or reasoned as those of higher intelligence – they deal with emotion. Therefore they are more likely to get riled up about someone burning a flag rather than a illogical tax cut.

#2 – The majority of people do not read the newspaper OR listen to the news, CNN, etc. Therefore -they get their news from the Tonight Show, Letterman, Oprah and Saturday Night Live. Or, they get their news from talking to their co-workers at the water cooler.

Also, for the few people who DO listen to the news – who do they hear it from? Fox News and Bill O’Reilly are the most popular. Most newspapers and media outlets are owned by Republicans.

THIS is what we are fighting against people. In order to win we will need to start pandering to the masses.”

PROGRESSIVE1: “I would prefer 20%-25% voter turnout!!!! There are very few… people on either side of the aisle who understand the issues!

The masses can be so easily mislead that they really should not vote!”

mreilly: “Janekat is right… knock off the “elitist” accusations

Sometimes you have to call a spade a spade. History has proven once again that as Janekat said the majority of people in this country aren’t that bright. This factor is how the GOP gets into office again and again, despite their string of proven failures in the past.

Note that she isn’t calling for Democrats to running around telling the masses how stupid they are, what she is advocating is a strategy that takes into consideration the fact that the majority just doesn’t focus on the issues and isn’t intelligent enough to grasp complex subjects. Look at the 2000 election and you’ll see the proof of her remarks – voters thought Al Gore was a know-it-all and Bush was “likeable.” They couldn’t understand what the discussion was about; they just liked Bush because they “wanted to have a beer with him” or some such silly sh*t. The talk about Bush’s tax cuts going to benefit the wealthy went right over the heads of these people, who heard the phrase “tax cut” and began slobbering like dogs: “Tax cut? Tax cut? Did someone say tax cut! I want my tax cut!”

You all can refer to this as “elitist” and complain it will alienate voters, but the current strategy of trying to explain the issues to the mental midgets out there isn’t working. The GOP has benefited from dumbing down their platform so that the lowest common denominator stupidly thinks the Repubs are “just like me.” Unless we want to keep losing elections, we’d better adjust to the fact the majority of the voters can’t handle anything more complex than the political equivalent of a Happy Meal – enticing package, predictable contents, and fun toys.”

I do so love it when the mask slips and people say what they really think…

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