The UN Tells Canadians How To Raise Their Children

The U.N.’s Committee on Rights of the Child isn’t pleased with Canada. It seems that those Canadian barbarians are spanking their children and the UN doesn’t approve…

“…A United Nations committee has ruled Canada should bar parents from spanking their children.

As a signatory of the Convention on the Rights of the Child, Canada is obligated to make periodic appearances before the U.N.’s Committee on Rights of the Child, which said the country should “adopt legislation to remove the existing authorization of the use of ‘reasonable force’ in disciplining children,” the National Post reported.

The U.N. body says Canada should “explicitly prohibit all forms of violence against children, however light, within the family, in schools and in other institutions where children might be placed.”

The ruling cannot supersede national law, the Post said, but Ottawa wants to comply with the regulations to bolster the U.N.’s attempt to encourage international norms.”

Maybe it’s just me, but I think Canadian parents should be the ones to decide whether or not they spank their children, not some committee of unelected busybodies at the UN. The very idea that a bunch of UN Bureaucrats should be instructing Canadians on how to raise their kids should be repellent to anyone who actually cares about their own country’s sovereignty. I know some people may say that this isn’t something to get hot and bothered about because the UN ruling cannot “supersede national law,” but the point is that it’s none of the UN’s business to begin with.

Fortunately, we here in the US were smart enough to ignore the internationalists who think a global nannystate is a good thing and we did not to sign on to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. So unlike the Canadians, we don’t have to stand by and grit our teeth while the UN’s clumsy fingers pry away at the autonomy of American parents. That suits me, and I suspect the overwhelming majority of Americans, just fine.

***Update #1***: Lauraw posted this in the comments section and I thought it was funny…

“My Dear Kofi,

I have returned from my inspection of the Canadian killing fields. Nothing but red tushies as far as the eye can see. And the sound…the deafening shrieks, wails and whimpers…”Paul Levesque did it!” “It’s not my fault!” “I’m sorry Meme…”

Oh, the Humanity!

The situation is dire – you must force the international community to confront this nettlesome issue, nevermore to avert their eyes from such tragedy! And let us not forget the legions of ‘invisible’ victims, those who are indeed not spanked, but sent to bed without their dinner.

Your humble servant,

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