The Democratic Underground Posts Of The Day: The US Killed Nick Berg

Who killed Nick Berg? Was it Al-Qaeda? A group of Iraqis who just pretended to be part of Al-Qaeda…or was it “People working for U.S. Government”? If you guessed “People working for U.S. Government,” then you’re currently in agreement with 73% of the 92 people at the Democratic Underground who voted in the “Who killed Berg?” poll.

That’s bad enough. But, also at the Democratic Underground, you’ll find posts called..

The Berg Murder: A Democratic Underground Poll (which also has several “America did it” type selections)
Did Freepers Kill Nick Berg?
Berg family on Freeper hate list…. was this why he died?
Berg was killed by Black Ops, the motive is to ramp up the War
If Berg was a BFEE (Bush Family Evil Empire) setup, this is why
Freepers had Berg firm on enemies list
Beheaded Man’s Firm Was On Right-Wing enemies list
Is Al-qaeda now outfitting their prisoners in orange jumpsuits?
Bergs firm Was On Freepers ‘Enemies’ List in March
Who physically killed Nick Berg? (Another poll with the US as possible killers)

…and I could go on.

So what’s driving this firestorm of left-wing paranoia? You have to remember that to left America in general and Republicans/The Bush adminstration/conservatives are the root of all evil.

If something happens that the left thinks might help Bush’s poll numbers (and that seems to be what people believe at the DU) then it must be Karl Rove manipulating things behind the scenes.

If something evil happens? Well, when the left thinks “evil,” they think “conservatives”. And if the conservatives aren’t directly responsible, then it’s all their fault or America’s fault at the least anyway. That’s today’s left for you…

PS: The Free Republic post referenced several times is this one,

It’s a thread called “HERE IS THE ENEMY — they have posted their names” and the original post is a HUGE LIST of people who endorsed some of ANSWER’S “kookery”. One of the people who did endorse it was Michael Berg, Nick Berg’s father. There are no suggestions in violence in the thread, Michael Berg’s name isn’t mentioned except in the original list until the story of his son’s beheading broke, and his son’s name is never mentioned at all. Yet, that’s enough to convince some of the uts that there are freepers running around hunting down the relatives of peaceniks.

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