The Democratic Underground Thread Of The Day: Die Cheney Die!

This one practically speaks for itself: From the Democratic Underground Forums, we have a post called: “Chaney’s in the it wrong to want him to die and burn in hell?.”

Here are some of the replies — very representative replies, I might add — from that thread before it was locked (Feel the love & compassion, baby, feel it!):

annabanana: yes. But it is not wrong to sigh a little surreptitious sigh of relief if he does..

Ouabache: problem is, if the pr*ck dies on us, and there is impeachment they will find some way to pin it all on the ‘dead guy’. Oh yeah, the dead guy DID do all that evil sh*t ! Well, he is dead now, so we can be glad and just move on, right?

That is what they will do if the pr*ck dies. Among other things.

jobycom: Good advice, but it should extend a bit

After all, if I became an evil puppeteer who masterminded the slaughter of hundreds of thousands of innocent people so I could steal more money than twelve generations of my family could spend, then I’d say people should wish I was dead.

Or, you could look at it this way: If you are a young child in Iran and know that this monster is coming for you next, wouldn’t you be relieved if he died? And wouldn’t you dislike someone else who wanted to remain alive so he could kill you?

Karma is all perspective.

Disclaimer: these are hypotheticals discussed only because of the topic of this thread, and I in no way would endorse any attempts to bring harm to any member of that slimy gang of murderers.

Kathy in Cambridge I never wish things like that on people. Cheney is the exception.

kenny blankenship What do you think Mohandas K. Ghandi would say? I know what I say: it’s a shame to cheat the hangman.

Zhade: I’d rather he were tried for his crimes…but the world will be a better place once he’s six feet under, yes.

LastLiberal in PalmSprings: What do you have against the people in Hell? n/t

UdoKier He will burn in hell, if there is such a thing. I personally don’t care if it’s now or in 20 years. They’ll just replace him with another thug.

But wishing it is not wrong. He is an evil man.

JanMichael: I’d rather see him being convicted at a War Crimes Tribunal. Then “taken care of” after his conviction. However i’ll take what i can get.

Sparkly: He will die, and if there’s a Hell, he’ll burn in it. n/t

natrat: no, you should want him to die painfully and have is organs picked out every day by vultures for eternity

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