The Discovery Channel’s 10 Greatest Americans

The Discovery Channel finished polling the American people on who they thought the Greatest Americans of all-time were. The first 5 were pretty good selections, but 6-10 on the list were so abysmal it makes me worry about the future of the Republic…OK, it’s not quite that bad, but it’s bad. Here are the public’s final choices:

1) Ronald Reagan
2) Abraham Lincoln
3) Martin Luther King
4) George Washington
5) Benjamin Franklin
6) George W. Bush
7) Bill Clinton
8) Elvis Presley
9) Oprah Winfrey
10) Franklin D. Roosevelt

What did I tell you about the back 5? Bush hasn’t finished his 2nd term yet so it’s too early to even consider him. Clinton wasn’t even a good President, much less a “greatest American.” Elvis was just a singer & Oprah is such a terrible selection that she makes my brain hurt. Although FDR’s disastrous domestic policies kept him from making my top 50, his leadership during WW2 at least makes him a serious selection.

Of course, that’s not to say putting together a Top 10 is cake. Trying to pit the accomplishments of the Founding Fathers Vs. Presidents Vs. Generals Vs. Scientists was tough going. That being said, here’s my Top 10:

1) George Washington
2) Abe Lincoln
3) Thomas Jefferson
4) Ben Franklin
5) James Madison
6) Ronald Reagan
7) Andrew Jackson
8) Tom Paine
9) Teddy Roosevelt
10) Alexander Hamilton

For more on this subject, here’s my list of the 100 Greatest Americans.

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