The Democrats Try To Pick-Up On Religious “Cues”

The Democrats have a lot of trouble appealing to religious voters not only because of the positions that they hold on issues like gay marriage and abortion, but because there are a large number of liberals who are extremely hostile to religious people.

So, how can the Democrats appeal to the religious voters out there in what some of them mockingly refer to as “Jesusland?” Lorie Byrd has the scoop:

As part of the Democratic Reunion campaign, resources have been made available to assist those canvassing their neighborhoods on behalf of the Democratic Party. A canvassing tip sheet at the website instructs volunteers to discuss the issues important to their neighbors and then lists things to look for in order to get an idea of what those issues are. The first two items listed are:

Democratic National Committee Chairman Howard Dean speaks at the League of United Latin American Citizens convention Wednesday, June 28, 2006, in Milwaukee.

Bumper stickers or window decals: What issues are brought up? Do they indicate issue preferences? Do they indicate particular values?

Religious items: Do they have any religious items in view? What can you tell by the nature of their religious display?”

The tip sheet continues, “Take a quick look around. What do you see and what might it tell you about the person whose home you are visiting? What might each of the cues listed below tell you about the voters who live there?” Cues then listed include “religious symbols,” “U.S. flag,” “well tended flower garden” and “expensive car.”

Here’s an artist’s rendering of how this might work:

Instead to trying to take a look at “cues,” why not go after the ACLU for being so hostile to Christianity? How about the Dems stop calling Christians who don’t support gay marriage, “bigots?” Maybe, when there are liberals out there talking about Christians like they’re a bunch of mouth breathers and theocrats, more Democrats could step up and criticize them.

Doing those things would have a lot bigger impact than trying to tell people what they want to hear based on whatever “religious symbols” they happen to have around their house.

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