The Point Of Israel’s Attacks

Last night, my liberal pal Dani Cutler and I had a conversation on instant messenger about Israel’s fight with its neighbors and I thought it might translate well into a post on RWN. I got permission from Dani to post it and here it is, cleaned up a bit for clarity’s sake:

John Hawkins: So what do you think about Israel creaming Lebanon and the Palestinians?

Dani Cutler: War is war, and it sucks all around 🙁 Vague enough?

John Hawkins: Be more specific =D

Dani Cutler: Things certainly do not seem to be getting better, whether the US is involved or not. Think they’ll target Iran next?

John Hawkins: I hope so, but I am not sure.

Dani Cutler: Well you know the US will support it… it’s what the Bush admin wants right?

John Hawkins: I believe either the US or Israel will end up bombing Iran anyway, so having Israel go ahead and do it now would suit me just fine.

Dani Cutler: Sigh… sorry my touchy feely tree hugging side is trying to see the point of it.

John Hawkins: The point of which part?

Dani Cutler: Any of it. Who “wins” in something like this? No one.

John Hawkins: Here’s something I haven’t written about yet, but…

John Hawkins: In the Palestinian territories Israel prefers to have Fatah in charge and there’s a looming civil war between Hamas and Fatah. So, by killing a lot of Hamas people, it tips the scale towards Fatah.

John Hawkins: In Lebanon, Hizbollah is in a political battle for power with the Christians and non-Shias who aren’t terrorists, even though they haven’t insisted on disarming Hizbollah. By reacting this strongly they can severely weaken Hizbollah and give the other side the political momentum to help get them under control.

John Hawkins: In Iran, it’s hard to say how long Iran has until they get weapons, but they are likely to build them as soon as possible. A strike could put their program back a decade which would give the democratic forces in the country more time to overthrow the government.

John Hawkins: Plus, as an extra added bonus, they all deserve it for picking a fight with Israel and the deterrent value of killing lots of people and breaking things can be very high. So, ideally, Israel will win in all cases by being willing to bomb.

Dani Cutler: Well, OK then, but it still sucks. 🙂

John Hawkins: War always sucks. But, if it wasn’t necessary, it wouldn’t have continued all throughout human history through to the present day.

Dani Cutler: Yes, it doesn’t keep the peace for long does it?

John Hawkins: It depends. Carthage and Rome had a permanent peace =D

Dani Cutler: LOL

John Hawkins: We’ve had very long peace with Canada and Mexico too, haven’t we? Then there’s Germany, Japan, Italy…

Dani Cutler: Canada is just biding its time… 😉

You can read more from Dani at Truth Seekers & Truth Seekers Forums.

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