The Disturbing Tweets From the Official Ground Zero Mosque Twitter Account, Park51

Let’s clear up a few things. I follow the gentleman who is the official twitterer account of Park51 (The Islamic Community Center). According to him a recent Haaretz story that claimed the owners were abandoning the project is untrue. Also, he claims the recent comments by Hamas does represent them, and has no bearing on the project. And finally, he says that they are indeed taking Gov. Patterson’s offer of re-locating under review. They have not rejected it as of yet. So that’s good news at least.

Now, let’s talk about the twitter account of Park51. I have followed it from the beginning, and my primary reaction to it is that I can’t believe how unprofessional he is. He is snarky and condescending. Not good attributes for someone who wishes to create an “inter-faith dialogue.” Take his tweet today about the Haaretz story:

if Haaretz likes publishing fables, perhaps they could go back to the Yiddish ones with parables


Here are a few more of his unprofessional tweets:

[email protected] Stop with the shenanigans, your show is just baiting for raitings. #Ithinkyourtimeslotcompeteswithcharmedreruns

[email protected] Simmer down sparky. You’re not tolerant of us and won’t even listen to us. What’s the incentive for us aside from ratings 4 u

[email protected] You really don’t know you manhattan geography do you? #facepalm

@JeanValette How’s life in the 16th century?

[email protected] @jstrevino The branding was always Cordoba House (working title) which became Park51. We were labeled GZ bt neocons #nuffsaid

[email protected] That says it received approval and it’s near ground zero. That’s not bragging #youreagopspindoctorarentyou!

[email protected] If you won’t simmer down and be polite daddy will have to put you in the corner. #justsaying

[email protected] What other skills do you have aside from parroting yourself?

[email protected] Oh yeah? well my grandmother says Raheel Raza & Tarek Fatah smell funny and are talking out of their butakis

Now, does that sound like an adult seeking dialogue with the community, or a Huffington Post blogger? I’m thinking it reads more like the latter.

But most troubling to me are his tweets about Sharia law:

[email protected] What do you know about Shariah? What specifically are you asking condemned? Why?

[email protected] parkerbriden ah no that was in response to another tweet on FGM. We don’t have a position on Shariah

If you aren’t familiar with Shariah law, sharia guides all aspects of Muslim life. That includes daily routines, familial and religious obligations, and financial dealings. It is derived primarily from the Quran and the Sunna, practices, and teachings of the Prophet Mohammed. It is used in many Middle Eastern countries to oppress women. Under Shariah law in those countries, women are not allowed to drive or go to school. There are honor killings for girls who have sex before they are married, or even just date someone who is not Muslim. They hang gays in Iran under Shariah law. Adulterers have been stoned. For the spokesman of Park51 To say they have no position on this is disturbing to me. I would think that a moderate Muslim would condemn that completely.

More on the history of Shariah law here.

I don’t know the owners of the building that will be Park51, but if their spokesman on twitter is any indication of who they are, then I am even more uncomfortable with the Mosque being built there.

Btw, I guess the Democrat’s Majority Leader Harry Reid will have to be put in the category of “bigot” from the left. He is opposed to the Mosque being build near Ground Zero:

“The First Amendment protects freedom of religion,” spokesman Jim Manley said in a statement. “Sen. Reid respects that but thinks that the mosque should be built some place else.

I do hate the fact that Pres. Obama made this political, and it now being used by both sides.

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