The DU Post Of The Day: To The Citizens Of Dirtsville USA: Quit Grieving For NYC

Hey all you hicks out there who care about the people who died on 9/11, stop it! You’re offending some, but not all, of the people at the Democratic Underground who want you to forget all about it.

Just read this sickening post called “To the citizens of Dirtsville USA: Quit grieving for NYC………….” and some of the posts after it and you’ll see how vile the left can be when they think their political agenda is threatened…

Joanne98: “Since tomorrow is the anniversary of the “excuse” the cowboy uses to attack anybody he wants to. I’m bracing myself for the ongoing images of people in small red state towns exploiting the victims of 9/11.

CNN is already showing people in small town Texas CRYING over New York City’s loses. Well, you know what. You never liked New Yorkers. You hated New Yorkers remember. If you really cared about the victims of 9/11 you would vote for John Kerry because that’s the only thing they want you to do. But NO! Instead you brought the Bush bastard’s convention to ground Zero and thought NYC would be glad to see you.

Instead of getting flowers and candy you got protesters, a half a million of them that said. GO HOME. Do you remember the Evita song…DON’T CRY FOR ME DIRTSVILLE TEXAS……….

Let’s get this straight, Dirtsville, IT DIDN’T HAPPEN TO YOU and it never will because no self respecting terra-rist would ever attack something so unimportant. It would be like the USA attacking Goatsgrave Yemen. It’s never going to happen.

The bottom line is, you don’t care about NYC or the pain, all you care about is getting Boosh re-elected and fighting a Holy pissing contest with the darkie Muslims. All in the name of Jesus which you’re sure is coming back the day after tomorrow.

Nobody needs this sh*t, especially the people of NYC who still watch airplanes when they fly overhead. The people in big cities are in more danger than ever thanks to the cowboy’s invasion of Iraq. But that’s something the good people of Dirtsville don’t have to worry about.

So take your flags, your prayers, your rodeos and your country music and stick it. You’re waging war because you want too, because you like it and you’re not fooling anybody. You’re only happy when you have an enemy, if it wasn’t 9/11 it would be something else. Like “libruls”. At least have the decency to admit that.

Put on your public grieving shows tomorrow because you already have them planned but spare us the DRAMA next year. It didn’t happen to you. Get over it.

I know this is harsh and I know not all people in small rural towns are Republicans but they ARE voting for Bush, who is only making big cities more dangerous. This is how I feel about it. Flame away.”

Sterling: “Here here. I’m from Oklahoma and places like that are full of people who are causing most of the problems in the world. There are some very good people in those places but they generally have little political power.”

sandnsea: “It “was”. But the poster is right, it isn’t anymore. Now it’s about waving the big hick d*ck and kicking @ss because that’s what they like to do. I don’t know why they have no self esteem unless they’re putting somebody else down, but that’s the way it is. The poster is exactly right and if New York City doesn’t want George Bush, maybe the rural people who will never be hit by a terrorist attack ought to listen.”

OnionPatch: “Hear Hear!!! I’m out here on the left coast and I’ve long wondered why all these smalltown rednecks are so quick to get teared up about 9-11 but insult people from the big cities every day. Remember the anti-Howard Dean commercial that made fun of everyone who drinks latte and drives a volvo? They hate New York. They’re a bunch of phonies. The same as their patriotism.”

BiggJawn “Thank you. I was out in “Dirtsville Indiana” last weekend, and I was mildly disgusted at the local volunteer firemen walking around the festival in their beer guts and “FDNY” hats and “Never Forget” T-shirts like they were some f*cking honorary members of FDNY or something.

Bet most of them never even been to a trailer fire.

Hey, shout-out and hugs to any NYC folks who still hurt, but you know what? it didn’t happen here. I’m sick of seeing the locals 1,000 miles away from NYC here in the corn belt acting like they breathed the smoke or something.”

PROGRESSIVE1: “Here Here!!! As an East Coaster who is only an hour from NYC… I thank you for this rant. Granted that good people do exist in Middle America, there are many more who want to use our National Tradgedy to hurt the world and to show their own “David Duke” Bigotry.

They can take their UNAMERICAN “Ku Klux Kountry Hate Music” and shove it!

All we here from the the middle of the country is how bad the coasts are. If we are so bad and “immoral” than why do you care what happens to us?”

devinsgram: “You are right on the money. Could not have said it better. I was thinking the same thing the other day. Everybody in middle American crying, putting out their flags and their show of emotion. Phooey on them, they are the ones responsible for what happened in NYC on 9-11. They are the ones who put this idiot in office.”

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