The DU Thread Of The Day: I Shall P*ss On The Grave Of William Rehnquist

Over the Labor Day week-end, I was sorry to hear about the death of William Rehnquist. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same way. Take for example, the comments you’re about to read from denizens of Democratic Underground who participated in a mind-numbingly insensitive thread called “I Shall P*ss On The Grave Of William Rehnquist.” Although of course not everyone at the Democratic Underground agreed with the vile sentiments you’re about to read, by my count, a majority of the people posting seemed to be on board.

I don’t know if that should surprise anybody given the fanatical level of hatred for all thing conservative that seems to grip so many liberals today, but it’s worth noting that Rehnquist wasn’t a political animal or a bomb thrower. As a matter of fact, compared to Scalia and Thomas, he was fairly low profile despite the fact that he was Chief Justice. Give that, it’s fair to say that the blinding hatred you’re about to see was probably inspired by little more than the fact that Rehnquist was a conservative judge.

From the thread:

dbt: I Shall P*ss On The Grave Of William Rehnquist. Anybody know where they’re gonna bury that miserable excuse for a human being–and when? (Ain’t sure how long I can hold this much beer, y’know…)

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SUDDEN PANG OF CONSCIENCE: Oh, my GODDESS! What will the Freeps think when they see such a post?!?!?

jim3775: I wonder if there will be a line? n/t

Jamastiene: Yeah, and I’ll be squatting with pride when it’s my turn. n/t

Spike from MN: And I’ll be squatting right behind you.

benburch: I’ll wear a kilt…And leave a steaming reminder of my love for the GOP there.

KzooDem: He’s going to be buried in Arlington Cemetery. I know where his grave is. I was visiting Arlington a couple years ago on a biz trip there. While walking among the headstones, I came across Rhenquist’s, as his wife died in the 90’s and was already buried there.

I actually marked it on a map so when I return someday I could go spit on his grave

Pepperbelly: They’ll probably hide the sh*t sipper’s carcass somewhere else…just because of the sanitation problem it would incur as so many of the righteously angry and anally raped citizenry line up to do just that very thing. Let me know when you’re ready. I got a great diuretic.

hawkowl88: IT IS PERSONAL. This is not an academic exercise. This is what infuriates me about the democratic leadership and spineless liberals. This is why we lose elections–and as a result good people, innocent people die. I’m a liberal with a spine. Meaning I believe there is evil in the world and it needs to be called out and fought to the death. You don’t have to be evil to fight evil true, but you DON’T feel sorry for it when it dies. Maybe you don’t rejoice, but you sure as hell feel relief. As for his family who mourns the death of evil, I don’t feel sorry for those wellwishers of those who would do me harm.

Bozita: If the back of your leg gets wet, you’re standing too close to his grave. Many Americans want to participate.

LibertyorDeath: I remember you. No he was a heartless piece of trash and that’s why people with Heart wouldn’t mind p*ssing on his grave. Do you get it? Good

nothingshocksmeanymore: You’re right. We really should sh*t on his grave. The man was a racist pig..I mourn him like I mourn all the KKK gone before him.

scarletwoman: Just show me where the line is. I shall drink copiously in preparation. nt

ZombyWoof: I’ll sh*t on his grave. And then dig up his corpse and go bowling with his skull.

lionesspriyanka: go for it….no matter what other people say. conservatives by and large need their graves peed on

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