The European Time Warp: Has

The European Time Warp: Has anyone else noticed that Europe doesn’t seem to have learned one thing from WW2? There are so many similarities between what’s happening today and what happened then that it’s frightening.

We have Europe clamoring to appease nations that sponsor terrorism while remaining woefully unprepared for war. Just as before, Britain seems to be the only nation in Europe with the guts and the guns to stand up to the threat terrorism presents to all of Western civilization. The rhetoric against Jews is reaching a fever pitch and Europe is again leaning towards the Jew-haters rather than risking a confrontation. The bizarre hope that Yasser Arafat will suddenly change from terrorist barbarian to peace loving statesman is reminiscent of Neville Chamberlain’s hopelessly naive “Peace In Our Time” speech. Did you know that Chamberlain even thanked Czechoslovakia for showing “restraint” in that speech? What does that remind you of?

Thank God that the United States is at the point of the spear this time instead of the sad sacks in Europe. If that wasn’t the case you’d almost be afraid to see what would happen if the ‘Axis of Evil’ and their cronies ordered Europe to round up their Jews and send them to camps in the Middle East.

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