The Fist Bump =’s The Al & Tipper Kiss

Believe it or not, people are still yammering on about Barry and Michelle’s “Can-you-believe-they-bought-it” fist bump,

obama fist bump

Setting aside the fact that the fist bump was way too Mickey Mouse for someone who wants to be President, do you know what all the excitement on the Left over this really is?

It’s the Al and Tipper kiss part 2. Remember how the Left couldn’t stop swooning over Al awkwardly jamming his tongue down his wife’s throat on stage?

Al & Tipper Gore kiss

Oh, it was just the greatest moment ever because it proved Al wasn’t a robot, just like O-bo-bo’s dorky looking fist bump proves he’s different. See? He’s all about change and the fist bump proves it!

It’s all very shallow…

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