The McCain Campaign Needs To Do A Better Job Of Moderating Their Web Page

I understand what a pain-in-the-behind it is to moderate the comments on your website. Heck, there are people with absolutely no lives, who spend hours every day trying get around bans — so they can get posts up on RWN that will be deleted in an hour or two. But, I’m not running for President of the United States.

On the other hand, John McCain is running for President and the comment section of his website is teeming with left-wing idiots who think it’s hilarious to make idiots of themselves in the comments section. Of course, it could be worse, it could be Obama’s website, which is overrun with “9/11 Truth Blogs, Marxists, and Terrorist Sympathizers,” but still, McCain’s blog should have screened out this sort of trash from his comments section (These comments, along with a gazillion tired “ball” jokes are from an item called the “Father’s Day McCain Golf Pack” being sold on McCain’s website),

Fantastic balls Johnny
Reviewer: Jack Meehoff from your town, AE United States

I was so surprised to see your balls here. I thought the President kept them for you. I have a question though. If you think torture is a good way to gather important information, what was the important info you gave up while you were being tortured. Did it help the enemy at the time ? Love ya…see ya on the links Johnny cakes

Divot tools
Reviewer: Gen. Patreaus from Pancakes, AL United States

Divot tools are just what I need to repair the blast dents in my unarmored humvee. Thanks Mr. McCain, don’t know what I’d do without this.

What do ya call 100 white guys chasin 1 black guy?
Reviewer: B Obama from Aii, AE United States

The PGA Tour

Balls with dimples, no lotion needed
Reviewer: Deadite from Nogales, AZ United States

These are great white balls, I for one am glad that John McCain supports these balls. The only problem is that you can’t lie with these balls, once you do some guy who looks and sounds like the emperor from Star Wars corrects you on camera.

Also I’m glad to see John McCain persevere and support a game that requires arms to be raised above shoulders to play. I know that John McCain will be a great president since that this great country will be regulated down to his VP since he’ll have to take regular Matlock breaks, and with the on set of alzheimers causing him to screw up leaders of different countries, it’ll be like a new President every day!

Johnny Mac had better get a handle on his comments section or you’ll have liberals on there, claiming to be McCain supporters and dropping “N-bombs” left and right. Next thing you know, the front page of every liberal paper in America will read, “McCain’s supporters use racist attacks.”

Hat tip to the Democratic Underground, which is where I ran across this link.

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