The French Paradox

The French Paradox by Ron Marr: I was having a hard time writing this column, and then I remembered I’d plum forgot to cut eye-holes in the pillowcase I had over my head. Everybody knows we po’ Southern white trash are nothin’ but a bunch a’ no-account, innard-eatin’ night riders with a bottle of Jack in one hand, a flaming cross in the other and a tattered Bible in the third, the latter being a genetic deformity resulting from years of non-selective inbreeding and swallowing clay.

Isn’t it strange how advocates of universal diversity are always the first to denigrate those who express even the mildest disagreement to the canons of liberalism? Don’t you find it odd that these intellectual “elites” – who care for the rights and feelings of all living things – in fact care not at all for the lives and happiness of any who offer the slightest dissent to their robotic mantra? (Cont)

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