The GOP Debate in Florida

I get a lot of heat from many of my conservative friends for not supporting Newt. But last night’s debate continues to show me that Romney is better prepared not only to face Obama in the general, but to make the case in the primaries.

Did Gingrich imagine that any of us care about how Romney has managed his well earned money? Did he also not imagine that Romney would be able to bring up Gingrich’s well paid “historian” advice to Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? Did Newt not think THAT might bother us more?

I heard Newt say earlier in the campaign that he doesn’t really prepare for the debates. That was made clear last night. A candidate has to prepare for what the opposition is going to throw at you.

Look, I know Mitt is not the most conservative candidate. People say he has flipped flopped on issues. He says he has evolved on those issues. To me, as long as he had evolved toward my beliefs? I’m fine with it. More than fine with it. Even my husband asked me why I liked Romney. I think Romney is a good man. That is key to me. I think he has shown incredible success in his personal and professional life. Although he was raised in wealth, he didn’t inherit money like the Kennedy’s. He earned his wealth. He didn’t become a womanizer with his money, power, and looks. That says a lot to me too. His work on the 2002 Winter Olympics was nothing less than astounding. He has been a Governor and a businessman. It’s time we had someone who understands something about business. Those are his finest points to me. Newt talks the good talk, but his past speaks volumes. Not just his horrible personal life, but professionally as well. Is there anyone who worked with him as Speaker that has wonderful things to say about him? He is an idea man. I could see him in the cabinet, but not as President.

Mitt finally showed the passion last night that we hoped to see. He went after Newt on his past as Speaker, and he touted his own virtues in an aggressive way. He embarrassed Newt, in my opinion, by showing the Newt of loony ideas. Don’t get me wrong. I think Newt has had great ideas, but he went about this the wrong way. In trying to appeal to Floridians on their space program, his proposal for a lunar base or colony on the moon sounded ridiculous, and certainly not what is on the minds of the American people today.

I also think spending time on the “anti-immigrant” theme is a waste of time as well. Sure, it’s important because no one, Democrat or Republican, has ever done anything effective, pro or con, in the illegal immigration debate. I have a different take than most of my conservative friends on this issue, but I have come to the conclusion that both parties like the way it is just fine, and that is why no one does anything about it. So, what does it matter what Obama, Newt, or Romney says about it? It’s just words.

I think we are also sick of petty politics. Santorum had these wise words: “We have been playing petty personal politics. Can we set aside that Newt was a member of Congress and used the skills that he developed as a member of Congress to go out and advise companies – and that’s not the worst thing in the world – and that Mitt Romney is a wealthy guy because he worked hard? You guys should leave that alone and focus on the issues.”

Lots of cheers here because the media chooses what to focus on, and it’s always things we could not care less about. If only the media would listen to Santorum.

Last night Mitt proved that he is getting better at debates, and God knows he needed to do that, and he clearly lays out a conservative Presidency. I know many are skeptical of that, but given the alternative, we know that with Romney or Gingrich, we would have a 100% better President.

Here is the new and approved Mitt:

Florida is turning out to be pretty important. What will be interesting to me is if the people will listen to the hardcore conservative talk show hosts, who can’t stand Romney, and go with Gingrich because of what they have to say, or decide differently.

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