The GOP Is Out Of Step With America On Illegal Immigration

One of the hot topics in the blogosphere over the last few days has been an enormous rift in the Republican Party over immigration. That’s a good thing because this is an issue that deserves a lot more attention. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that A-list blogger and popular radio host Hugh Hewitt was right on target when he said:

“After two days of conversations in DC with leading conservatives and officials, it is clear to me that the GOP is the party of expertise and achievement abroad and innovation and new ideas at home, always the superior position in politics. The only serious danger to its leadership is a split over immigration — the sort of split that destroyed Peel’s Conservative Party over the Corn Laws and Gladstone’s Liberals over Home Rule for Ireland and Chamberlain’s theories of imperial preference.”

The reason the sort of split that Hugh mentions is possible is because quite simply, there is no issue, let me repeat, no issue, where the President and our Republican Congress are farther out of touch with what their base and the American people want than on the issue of illegal immigration. (Cont)

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