The GOP Needs To Reach Out To Conservative Black Voters

As a party, the GOP does a lousy job of reaching out to black voters. Maybe we run a few commercials here & there or the President gives a speech at the National Urban League and we go, “See? We made the effort. 90% of the black vote is going to go to the Democrats no matter what we do, so why bother doing more?” Folks, that is the wrong attitude to take and it’s the biggest reason why the GOP only pulls about 10% of the black vote every four years.

Contrary to what popular opinion seems to be, I believe there are a significant number of black conservatives out there. I say that because about 30-40% (more on some issues) of blacks tend to come down on the conservative side of almost every issue you can name — even on things like reparations & affirmative action. Given that most people tend to vote in clusters (i.e.: If you are against gun control & affirmative action, want less welfare, & are anti-abortion, I can guess that you’re also going to support tax cuts and I’ll be right most of the time), that means that roughly 1/3rd of all blacks should probably be voting Republican. (Cont)

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