The Top Ten Things We Can Do With Iraq’s WMD By Frank J

10. Put two biological weapons in an arena and have them fight it out. Kill! Kill!

9. Finally get rid of those gophers.

8. Sell them to another country for a big profit. Attack country and steal it’s oil for proliferating nuclear weapons.

7. Hold world hostage for one meeeelion dollars. Spend the money on booze.

6. Yell “Whoops!” and drop them all over Saudi Arabia.

5. Hide them and challenge U.N. inspectors to find them again. Make fun of them when they don’t.

4. Bully Canada for its lunch money. Spend the money on booze.

3. Combine all the WMD’s into one super WMD. Now even Aquaman won’t be able to stop us. Muh ha ha ha!

2. New Gallagher act where he nukes the watermelon in the end. Caution: those of you in the first three rows will get radiated.

And the number one thing we can do with Iraq’s WMD’s…

1. Sell France “Not Anthrax” brand powdered sugar.

If you enjoyed this satire by Frank J., you can see more of his work at IMAO.

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