The Great Jambalaya of Frauds

A good line from former Sen. Hollings about the fraud that is Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid:

“The public fully supported enactment of hefty new Social Security taxes in 1983 to ensure the retirement program’s long-term solvency and credibility. The promise was that today’s huge surpluses would be set safely aside in a trust fund to provide for baby-boomer retirees in the next century.

Well, look again. The Treasury is siphoning off every dollar of the Social Security surplus to meet current operating expenses of the government…

(T)he most reprehensible fraud in this great jambalaya of frauds is the systematic and total ransacking of the Social Security trust fund…

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The hard fact is that in the next century…the American people will wake up to the reality that those IOUs in the trust fund vault are a 21st century version of Confederate banknotes.”

This was said 22 years ago, and now we are finding ourselves staring at the great abyss. The bottom line is that most Democrats don’t seem to understand is that the government gobbles up every single dime it gets from us the second it gets it. Then, when it can’t pay out some things it has promised, it borrows from China or just prints the money.

We have played this game for too long, and now we are coming to the end. But the left refuses to see this, and so far I see no leader on the right willing to shake some sense into them (except Paul Ryan and Chris Christie). I have come to believe that things will simply have to collapse on their own for us to realize what we have done. When that happens, all the whining about cutting programs will be moot.

Maybe that’s what we need to happen. We have become so soft and fat in this country. We pay people to stay out of work. We send welfare checks to able bodied Americans. Money that should only be going to those who cannot take care of themselves. We pay for anyone’s medical needs. The emergency rooms are our clinics, paid by us at ridiculous prices. We give generous checks and medicines to the wealthy elderly. We live on credit, promising ourselves that we will pay it off later. Democrats spend every election promising people more money if they would just vote them into power. And Republicans haven’t been much better, because they know that people vote for free stuff, not when you tell them they have to get up on their own two feet.

But this ponzi scheme is about to come crashing down. You thought Maddoff was terrible? The government has nothing on him. All the money hardworking Americans have been slaving away for, and being forced to send to the government will never be seen by any of us in the form of Social Security. At least, that is what I believe.

When it does all come crashing down, the hardworking Americans will be fine. They know how to get out there and survive. It’s the ones we have been coddled that will suffer. They will be lost without Daddy government.

It will be a sad sad thing. And we will have no one to blame but ourselves.

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