The Grinch Who Stole Liberty

Oh my gosh. Seriously. My oldest kids are home from college, my house if full children ages 12-22. I’m shopping, cleaning, cooking, wrapping, and going to Christmas parties. I don’t have time to blog. But here I am because this is so important.

The Democrats are trying to rush this health care bill through when everyone is busy just like I am. It’s a travesty. The ironic thing about is that BOTH the left and right are against this health care bill (although for very different reasons). But no matter, Dem Majority leader Harry Reid is determined to shove this down our throats. Senators are still reading the bill, and yet they are going to be forced to vote on it within two days. This process is a travesty. They are voting on a bill they have not even read through about something that affects every person in America’s quality of life. All small businesses will be affected with taxes and mandates. It’s going to cut Medicare and Medicaid reimbursements to hospitals. This bill won’t even take affect until 2014 (except for the taxes of course). There is NO reason to rush this before Christmas. 61% of Americans are against this. Just about everyone (excepts Democrats in Congress) wants to start over. It boggles the mind.

Even though Reid has payed off Democrat Senator Nelson from Nebraska big time for his vote, who was against the abortion part of the bill, the abortion language is still egregious (I believe this is what’s called selling your soul to the devil). It would be the first time since 1977 that there would be federal funding for elective abortions. The Catholic Bishops have come out and said that this bill in it’s present form is “morally unacceptable.”

One Senator is saying that the bill sets up a constitutional challenge:

Sen. Saxby Chambliss (R-Ga.) asserted that the compromise on abortion contained within the bill, which would seek to segregate federal funds from subsidizing health plans covering abortion, is unconstitutional.

Harry Reid can be the Grinch who stole liberty in Health Care this Christmas, but this is far from over. The American people aren’t going to stand for it this time.

That, I can promise you.

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