The Health Care Bill That Wouldn’t Die

The Obama administration ignored the anger and frustration at the Townhalls across America regarding the health care bill. They ignored the 9/12 march where hundred of thousands of Americans came from hometowns everywhere to voice their objection. They ignored the Senate doctors. They are ignoring the growing tea party movement. They are ignoring the polls. They are ignoring the Massachusetts Scott Brown victory.

They are ignoring the will of the people.

Don’t think for a minute that this health care bill is dead. They will do what it takes to pass this. Despite the fact that most Americans think we need to start over, Press Secretary Robert Gibbs says that isn’t happening.

The narrative seems to be that Republicans are the “party of no.” Those of us who feel that this legislation will diminish care and be a boondoggle WANT Republicans to be the party of no, but the truth is that during this entire debate Democrats had the supermajority. Republicans weren’t even allowed in the game. Every amendment offered by Republicans was rejected. Every. Single. One. What kept the bill from passing were DEMOCRATS, not Republicans. It was a internal fight between moderate Democrats and far left Democrats. If you were one of the ones who wanted this bill to pass, that is where you need to lay the blame. At the feet of the Democrats. If they had crafted a moderate even handed bill and not been so obsessed with providing abortion coverage, then they probably could have passed it without a Republican vote.

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Now, after a year of this, the President has decided that it may be time to bring the Republicans on board. So to speak. Gibbs says, “He’s open to including any good ideas that stand up to objective scrutiny.” In other words, he’s perfectly open to ideas as long as he agrees with them. Mark my words. Not one idea proposed by Republicans will see the light of day in this bill. It’s a dog and pony show meant to drag this out and pass something. The biggest joke of all is that after a year of secret backroom deals fueled by bribes, payoffs, and threats, suddenly Pres. Obama wants this meeting televised.

Perhaps the most ridiculous thing said so far in this debate is when President Obama declared that he hadn’t explained this issue well enough for the American people. Is he in denial or does he really believe that? Does he really think that we are so dumb? He explained ad nauseaum. We get it. We just don’t like it. He simply cannot accept that.

At least Republicans are listening. Boehner had this to say about the bill:

Republicans are not going to work off this monstrosity. There’s just not enough common ground. Listen, what we’ve learned in Massachusetts is this: The Democrats aren’t’t listening to the people,” he said. “Republicans are listening. They’re still scheming and scrambling to find a way to pass their government takeover of health care,” he said. “If they jam it through, I think they’re going to face a firestorm from the American public.”

Republicans have said that before they will meet with the President for a bipartisan health reform summit, reconciliation must be off the table. In addition, they must insist that a new bill be crafted from scratch. If these proposals can’t be met, then no deal. Why should they meet with the President? He will only use whatever they say against them. He will claim that he did meet with them. See how bi-partisan he is? He tried. This is all about him and nothing else.

We know how the media will play this. We know they will say Republicans are refusing to participate. But contrary to what Pres. Obama thinks, the American people are paying attention on this. They understand what the Republicans are trying to do. Simply, we need to fix what is wrong, and keep government as far away from our health care decisions as possible.

Republicans should stay strong and refuse to meet with the President unless those two conditions are met.

They won’t be. I can promise you.

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