The Hypocrisy Of The Left On Faith

The Hypocrisy Of The Left On Faith

The Houston Press and the Dallas Observer went all out snarky on Texas Gov. Perry’s upcoming prayer rally at Reliant Stadium called “The Response.” How can you blame them? : Christians are the only group that one who is: politically: correct can make fun of. : Funny though. Last week when President Obama gathered with Christian leaders to pray about the debt ceiling vote, these guys couldn’t find their snarky pills. For some reason they find it hilarious to make fun of Gov. Perry praying, but not so much when it’s Pres. Obama. In fact, I couldn’t find one article any where making fun of Obama for his faith. : When he was a candidate making the rounds at the Churches, Obama proclaimed, “Our God is an awesome God.” No liberal reporter reporter noted : it. No jokes. No snarky columns. For some reason (can you think of any?), it’s only when Republicans profess their faith that these guys get so rattled they just HAVE to poke fun.

No taxpayer money is being used for this event. : It’s just a Governor (perhaps soon Presidential candidate) asking us to pray for our country. In the video at the link, Gov. Perry says, ““That’s where prayer comes in, and we need it more than ever. With the economy in trouble, communities in crisis and people adrift in a sea of moral relativism, we need God’s help. That’s why I am calling on Americans to pray and fast, like Jesus did.”

You see, I understand. When a: politician: uses such overt religious language, it can be upsetting to those who don’t also believe as he does. : For example, I’m told a part of : the Governor’s speech will include this:

We gather here, on a Sabbath, during a time of profound difficulty for our nation and for our world. In such a time, it soothes the soul to seek out the Divine in a spirit of prayer; to seek solace among a community of believers. But we are not here just to ask the Lord for His blessing. We aren’t here just to interpret His Scripture.

And this:

A faith in things not seen, in better days ahead, in Him who holds the future in the hollow of His hand. A faith that lets us mount up on wings like eagles; lets us run and not be weary; lets us walk and not faint.: So let us hold fast to that faith, as Joshua held fast to the faith of his fathers, and together, we shall overcome the challenges of a new age.

Oh wait. I totally messed that up. Those passages aren’t from Gov. Perry’s speech at all. It’s from a speech Pres. Obama made last year at Vermont Ave. Baptist Church.

Sorry about that. But just remember when The Houston Press and the Dallas Observer make fun of Gov. Perry’s real speech this weekend, a speech that will have the same religious tone as Pres. Obama’s did, they didn’t make fun of Pres. Obama doing the same thing.

It almost makes one think that it isn’t the faith so much, as the political party: affiliation: they belong to, as how these two prolific writers decide : who to make fun of when it comes to prayer and faith.

When Obama prayed with pastors about the debt ceiling last week, he quoted (paraphrasing) Lincoln and said, “If you don’t pray before you get here, you pray when you get here. The presidency drives you to your knees.”

Maybe Gov. Perry is just praying before he gets there.

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