The Iraqi People Are Pulling Down That Statue? Nonsense, It’s A CIA Set-Up!

The Iraqi People Are Pulling Down That Statue? Nonsense, It’s A CIA Set-Up!: I really wish I was at home right now watching that Saddam statue come down because it sounds like the biggest moment since the Berlin Wall came down. I am genuinely excited for the Iraqi people and I’m proud that America and the rest of the Coalition helped make it possible.

But, not everyone is happy. It seems that there are quite a few people at the Democratic Underground who think it was all staged =D Now not everybody at the DU bought into this, but here are comments from just a few who did…

TimesArrow: “Is this staged? Why are our troops mingling with the Iraqis? Why don’t our troops suspect a suicide bomber or something? I sure wouldn’t let my guard down unless I knew they were our troops!”

freddie57: “It’s on every news channel I surfed them all but faux, and it was the same shot, maybe it is staged.”

alcuno: “CIA – I know this script. All the money we’ve paid out for “jubilation.”

Terwilliger: “this entire thing is a PR event. The US grabbed a bunch of Iraqis, gave them money or somesuch, and told them to go tear down the statue. It’s all really quite pathetic.”

JCMach1: “More staged than a Bush photo-op. There was clearly a security perimeter around the event. All of the participants were male — with a few children sprinkled in. The people were clearly either manipulated or paid to participate.

There were almost as many press as ‘demonstrators.’

CNN was actually fairly balanced during this because Ms. Amanpour was doing part of the coverage. I switched to MSNBC and nearly lost my lunch.

Someone needs to get Peter Arnett to find out how much the CIA paid these people.”

Here is another thread on the same subject…

dissenter: “Obviously staged… because they want to “wrap up” the war coverage…and make it fade from the US TV tubes…This invasion is OVER…”

mrbill: “there’s a 1000 statues of saddam in baghdad…..
Why that one? Those demonstrators were definately on somebody’s payroll.”

One of the other DU posters summed all this up as well as I could have myself…

vincent_vega: “Boy the dissapointment here is palpable. I know you were all hoping for an Urban bloodbath of a fight to gloat over.”


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