The Iraqi ‘Quagmire’ In Quotes

The Iraqi ‘Quagmire’ In Quotes: On March 19th, American forces launched a “decapitation attack” designed to take out senior Iraqi leadership (including Saddam) in the opening moments of the war. But by March 24th, the media had already started sinking into a deep funk. That was the first day that the dreaded “V-Word” came up at a press conference. Then for roughly the next week and a half, the media became despondent. It was so bad I even wrote satire about it.

Yet, here we are three weeks into the war and we have people asking, “If Iraq was so unable to defend itself, was it really the threat to the world on which this whole war was predicated?”

Well, the media may want you to forget about the incredibly pessimistic spin that they were putting on the war, but we here at RWN wanted to make sure that didn’t happen. That’s why I put together these quotes. Read and enjoy! (Cont)

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