The Iraqi People Show Their Scorn For The Coalition Invaders

The Iraqi People Show Their Scorn For The Coalition Invaders: Here are a few more snippets from the Iraqi people who our press would have you believe detest the Americans, Brits, Aussies, & Poles who are liberating them from Saddam…

In Basra

“(The Brits) received a warm welcome from the members of the 30,000-strong population, with children and adults giving the thumbs-up, smiling and shouting “Mister, mister, England good”.

One surprised Royal Marine said: “We were meant to be giving them food but they keep coming up to us and giving us stuff.”

On Route Seven heading towards Rafit

“…Khairi Ilrekibi, 35, a passenger on one of the buses, which broke down near the marine position, said he could speak for the 20 others on board.

In broken English he told a correspondent travelling with the marines: “We like Americans,” adding that no one liked Saddam Hussein because “he was not kind.”

He said Iraqi civilians living near him were opposed to Saddam Hussein and that most were hiding in their homes and were extremely tired.

…Looking on warily at the POWS he was guarding, who included two Jordanians, as well as an Iraqi colonel, captain, major and second lieutenant from special forces and the regular army, he said he had been moved by comments from local civilians.

He said they told him: “We welcome you. What is your name? We will pray for you.”

He said another group of POWS, largely conscripts, had been moved south.

“They told me they wanted to go to America after the war. I said where. They said California. I said why? They said the song Hotel California and they left singing Hotel California.”

In Central Iraq

“The welcome they had hoped for finally greeted American troops yesterday, as waving Iraqis lined the streets when the advance northwards to Baghdad was resumed.

The scenes, long awaited, did much to lift the spirits of the troops as convoys of tanks wound their way through a town on the west bank of the Euphrates.

…As they passed, hundreds, possibly thousands, of people emerged from their houses to signal their welcome.”

In Shatra

“Hundreds of Iraqis shouting “Welcome to Iraq” greeted Marines who entered the town of Shatra Monday after storming it with planes, tanks and helicopter gunships.

A foot patrol picked its way through the small southern town, 20 miles north of the city of Nassiriya, after being beckoned in by a crowd of people.

“There’s no problem here. We are happy to see Americans,” one young man shouted.”

Now I’m not going to tell you that every Iraqi is thrilled that we’re invading, but I’m seeing a very different picture than the one the media is trying to portray. I see a terrified, brutalized populace that would welcome liberation from Saddam. However, they’re afraid that we won’t finish the job and we’ll leave them to be slaughtered. So why aren’t they showing it more and rising up?

In America, when people refer to the “crushing of dissent”, they mean that you’re getting in criticized. In Iraq, “crushing of dissent” means that you see your children’s brains blown out of the backs of their heads and your wife gangraped before you’re tortured to death and hung from a lamp post as an example. If these people are not SURE that we’re going all the way they’re going to keep on cheering Saddam for the cameras no matter what they really think. Keep that in mind when the media tries to convince you that the Iraqi people don’t want to be liberated…

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