Misc: A few things of note…

— First off, I have a new email policy which largely consists of ignoring most of my email =D. Unfortunately, despite the fact that I delete spam and answer a certain percentage of my email as it comes in, in a typical week I end up trying to sort through and answer 150-200 emails every week-end. Up until this point I’ve made a real effort to answer the majority of my email, but it has gotten too difficult to keep up with. Plus, the number of emails I’m receiving isn’t going anywhere but up over the next few months. So sadly, unfortunately, I will no longer be replying to most non-business related emails. While I’d prefer to answer them all, there are only so many hours in a day…

— I’m going to be doing a FAQ on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict and I may dip into some related conspiracy theory ideas as well. So if you have any questions or want to post any questions that you’ve seen, hostile or not, kooky or not, post them in the comments section and I may answer them in the article which will probably come out Monday.

— I have already sold out all of my button advertisements for next month and I’m looking into some other ways to do advertising on the page as well. Maybe banner ads or ads that go directly to links in the daily news section? Anyway, I’m open to suggestions for any form of money making endeavor or advertising that doesn’t involve pop-ups. Feel free to post suggestions in the comments section.

PS: Yes, T-shirts are on the way although I’m still working on designs.

— How about showing our advertisers for this month that they made a smart decision by advertising with RWN by taking a look at their web pages? Take a gander at Between The Coasts, Zogby Blog, Electric Venom, Deserve Victory, & Belly Flop.

***Update***: Is Patriot for real or a prank? The answer: a prank. From an email I received…

“Hello, John Hawkins.

After you read this email, you may be mad at me. I meant absolutely no harm to anyone.

I’m a conservative student at UC Berkeley. The political environment, is, you might guess, not my cup of tea. Idiotarians all over the place…you get the idea. In the blogosphere, I leave comments as either ‘Jango Fett’ or ‘Milodar’.

One day, when I read a loony post on your site from DU, I thought: could I come up with something loonier? I did. So, the truth: I am ‘patriot’. Yes, the one who hates Israel, and thinks the CIA kills people through their cell phones. Every single assertion ‘patriot’ made came out of my imagination. If you think I have a crazy imagination, you’re not alone.

I’ve meant no harm, I just wanted to play a good joke. I would have continued to do it if 3 things didn’t happen. These three things are
-it got boring
-people stopped believing it was real
-other people started to catch on. Like here

Also, on Emperor Misha’s page there is a poster named MUMIA who trolls around with similar assertions. Someone read at least one of my posts (the first post MUMIA made was about the CIA killing people through cell phones) and decided to imitate me. I accused MUMIA of plagiarism, but he still does it.

So, was it a good joke?

Lev Trubov
a.k.a. Milodar
a.k.a. Jango Fett
a.k.a. patriot”

Well, if you’re Conservative stuck in Berkeley, I imagine it might drive you a little batty too =D

***Update 2***: I’m toying with the idea of linking 20 websites in the daily news section every Saturday and Sunday. Since I don’t upate the daily news on the week-ends, why not promote some other blogs? If you have any comments on this, I’d like to hear it in this thread.

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