Kook Or Faker — You Decide?

Kook Or Faker — You Decide!: RWN draws more than its share of weirdos because of the ACPOTI section and one of them is a reader called “Patriot”. Here’s a response from him in the, “Sick — No New Posts Until Tomorrow” thread…

“Excellent! No Nazi propaganda today.

Let me tell you what you don’t know about WWII.

Hitler was brought to power by the U.S. seeking to use him to overthrow the Soviet Union. Look what happenned in December 1941:

Dec. 5: The USSR begins a counteroffensive near Moscow, and it becomes clear that Hitler lost there.

December 6: Hitler orders no retreats, sealing the fate of his armies so that they not only have no chance of winning the war against the USSR, they also have no chance of stopping the Russians on the German borders.

December 7: Japan bombs Pearl Harbor. At the September meeting with Churchill, Roosevelt made it clear that he will pursue the goal of defeating Germany first. The Japanese decided to attack, and hoped to consolidate gains while America is busy with Germany.

December 8: The U.S. declares war on Japan and Germany.

However, the U.S. does nothing against Germany until the Red Army already destroyed 90% of the Wehrmacht, and is on the borders of Poland. The U.S. had no problem with Hitler and his concentration camps, or anything else. They did have a problem with communists threatening the rest of Europe. The only reason D-Day happenned is to preserve capitalism in Western Europe. If Hitler won against Russia, the U.S. wouldn’t have lifted a finger.

Also, I don’t think any of you brainwashed ignoramuses know what the Apollo program was about. Its true purpose was accomplished. The purpose was to scout the moon, and set up a nuclear weapons base there. At a convenient opportunity, strange ships looking like aliens would come out and attack the Soviet Union. The Nazis in the American government planned to kill hundreds of millions of people rather than share a planet with an alternative economic system.

The Nazi-controlled hollywood, up to this day, makes propaganda-laden movies about WWII, in which America is portrayed as heroic. It makes me want to puke. Not one movie has been made about the Soviet Union in that war. It might as well not have existed, according to the fascists in Hollywood.

A day without propaganda is a happy day for me.


So what do you think — is he nuts or just pretending to be?

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