What Are We Doing In Syria?

What Are We Doing In Syria?: So why is the Bush administration shaking the Syrian’s cage? Are we getting ready to invade? No, rattling Syria’s cage like this is all part of the plan. Way back in August of 2002, I predicted in large part what’s happening now….

“In 1998, Hafez al-Assad of Syria was intimidated by Turkish troops massed on his border into cutting off support for the terrorists in the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK). If we control Iraq, we are capable of putting troops on the Syrian border and intimidating his son in exactly the same way. Lebanon is a pathetically weak puppet state of Syria and if Syria decides the terrorists in Lebanon are going out of business, their days are numbered.”

There are no divisions lining up on Assad’s border — yet, but the principle is the same. We want to make the Syrians get rid of their WMD, stop supporting terrorism, and we also don’t want them playing the same little games with us that they do with Israel. Furthermore, since Syria allowed Iraqis to cross over their border and allowed terrorists to enter Iraq, we have a great excuse to ramp up the pressure. We may indeed have to invade Syria in the future, but let’s hope they wise up and that won’t be necessary. Remember, it isn’t just about Al-Qaeda or Iraq. It’s about the whole global terrorist network…

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