War Leads To Dangerous Destabilization In Iran

War Leads To Dangerous Destabilization In Iran By Rip Rowan By Rip Rowan: Even before the war in Iraq has been officially ended, dangerous signs of destabilization are already showing in neighboring Iran.

Iran’s influential former president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani has suggested a referendum could be held on resuming ties with the United States, Iran’s arch-foe, the official IRNA news agency said on Saturday.

The move reflects a remarkable shift in tone from Iran and could suggest destabilization in the anti-western theocracy in Iran.

“Iranian officials have adopted a softer approach after the fall of Saddam because they are concerned about U.S. intentions,” political analyst Saeed Leylaz told Reuters.

This softer approach could result in any number of consequences, including Iran’s reconsidering their sponsorship of terrorism, allowing greater freedoms and civil rights, or reinstating talks with Washington that could normalize relations.”

“This news is alaming,” said anti-war activist Noah Cloo. “If this occurs, it could undermine our leading argument that war in the Middle East could increase terrorism. And if there’s one thing worse than a catastrophic attack on the United States, it would be for the anti-war movement to be proven wrong.”

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