The Ivy League Elite That Govern Us

Five U.S. Presidents have gone to Yale, including four of the last six. More presidents attended Harvard than any other college. Interestingly, the best President in my lifetime, Ronald Reagan, the one President who really understood the constitution and our liberty, went to Eureka College. Eureka College is a small residential liberal arts college

Many of you might be surprised to learn that many Ivy League schools were opened as seminaries to train Christian pastors and missionaries to share Christ with the world.

My, how things have changed.

These Ivy league schools have gone from being training grounds for Christian missionaries and ministers to propaganda factories for every leftist radical failed ideology known to man. Marxism, Darwinism, Freudianism, communism, multiculturalism, relativism, naturalism, positivism, socialism, liberalism, egalitarianism, feminist studies, gay studies, transgender studies, transvestite studies, outcome-based education, and radical environmentalism are not only taught, but celebrated.

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If a politician runs for high office and did not attend an ivy league school, the elite left sneers. When the right shows disdain for the liberal elite that have gone to these schools, the left accuses us showing disdain for higher,smarter, education.

The notion that the left pushes is that Yale is a bastion of enlightenment and knowledge. They believe we should consider ourselves lucky that these men or women choose to lead us. With that in my mind I bring you this story:

A Yale University fraternity has apologized after a video on YouTube showed perspective fraternity members of Delta Kappa Epsilon, one of Yale’s most prestigious fraternities, marching through campus chanting obscenities and chanting, “No means yes, yes means anal.” They also referred to women and necrophilia in words that even the msm refused to print.

A women’s group on campus called it, “an active call for sexual violence.”

In 2008, the Zeta Psi chapter published pictures on Facebook showing 12 pledges posing in front of the women’s center with a sign that read, “We Love Yale Sluts.”

Oh, the enlightenment.

The late great William F. Buckley Jr. once said that he would rather be governed by the first 100 people in the phone book than by 100 Harvard faculty members. As Keith Burns in The Providence Journal-Bulletin puts it, “..some of those 100 ordinary citizens are now headed to Washington. Thanks to the Tea Party, we’re about to find out if Buckley was right.”

As I said before, the new candidates might not be the most polished. They might not have gone to Yale or Harvard. They are more like you and I, than they are like John Kerry or Ted Kennedy. They may not know how to play the political game, or say the politically correct things, but they are a new kind of candidate. They are a part of a movement that brings the government back to the people. This is an important time. Don’t let it slip by you.



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