The Key Senate Races Thread For Nov 3.

Races That Were Called On Nov. 3rd

#7: Fox calls LA for Vitter (R)! He picks up a Democratic seat from Breaux. A lot of people were predicting a run-off in that race so that’s a nice pick-up for the GOP.

#8: Salazar (D) picks up a seat held by Campbell (R) in Colorado. I thought it was leaning his way so that’s not a big surprise.

#9: Thune (R) beats Daschle! Put 1 more seat in our column and as far as I’m concerned that’s the 2nd best win of the night for us.

#10: Mel Martinez (R) takes Bob Graham’s seat. That’s one more for us!

#11: It LOOKS LIKE Lisa Murkowski is about retain in Alaska. With 98% of the vote counted. she’s up 49% to 45%.

Races That Were Called On Nov. 2nd

#1: As expected, Obama picks up a seat for the Dems in Illinois by crushing Alan “worst candidate ever” Keyes.

#2: Oklahoma: Coburn retains a seat for GOP. Very good.

#3: Again, as expected the GOP picks up Zell Miller’s seat in GA as Isakson brings it home.

#4: Fox calls it for Jim Demint in SC. That a Republican takeover from Ernest Hollings and not a big surprise.

#5: Jim Bunning (R) barely retains his seat in a tighter than expected squeaker.

#6: Richard Burr (R) takes the seat now held by John Edwards. Another very, very, sweet GOP pick-up.

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