The Latest Out-Of-Context Democratic Attack On McCain: “Not Too Important”

One of the more fascinating things about the election cycle so far is that despite the fact that the GOP is taking a beating, the Democrats have constantly had to stoop to fundamentally dishonest attacks on John McCain.

They keep trying to convince people that McCain is senile. Yes, that was to be expected and, yes, McCain is an old fella, but whatever his faults may be, no one who has watched or listened to the man throughout the campaign season could believe he’s losing his faculties. As a matter of fact, Barack Obama has probably made 2 or 3 serious gaffes for every one that McCain has made. Of course, Barack Obama is dumb as a post, so maybe that’s not the best comparison, but you get the idea.

The Democrats have also spent a great deal of time trying to convince people that John McCain wants to fight a hundred year war in Iraq. Of course, that makes no sense at all since McCain isn’t going to be President for 100 years and it also makes you wonder how many Democrats even realize that we have had troops in Japan, Germany, and South Korea for decades. Do they even get that we have troops in these countries that aren’t fighting anybody? Judging by the fact that they seem perplexed that we could have troops in Iraq for decades without having soldiers being killed, apparently they don’t.

Now, the latest attempt to deliberately take something McCain said out of context and attack it is underway.

Uh oh. It’s one thing to say we need to keep the troops in Iraq indefinitely because it’s somehow central to maintaining our national security. But it’s another thing entirely to suggest that bringing them home is “not too important.”

Yet that’s what John McCain appeared to do on The Today Show this morning…

McCain just did not say that bringing the troops home is “not too important.” What he said was that having an estimate of when the troops can come home is “not too important. What’s important is the casualties in Iraq.”

Here, watch the video and see for yourself,

There is one hell of a big difference between saying that “bringing the troops home isn’t important” and saying that having an estimate of when they can come home isn’t important.

It’s the difference between setting a timeline for a surrender to Al-Qaeda, which would waste the sacrifice our soldiers have made in Iraq for political expediency, which is what Barack Obama wants to do, and allowing our troops to finish the job and win the war, which is what John McCain will do if he’s President.

You can say a lot of negative things about John McCain, but this is a man who was tortured rather than leave his men behind in Vietnam. This is a man whose son has served in Iraq. To have a bunch of liberals claiming that McCain doesn’t know or care anything about the troops is just as ridiculous as it would be if conservatives were claiming that Barack Obama doesn’t know anything about being black.

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