The Left’s Eliminationist Narrative

After yesterday’s smackdown, Charles Johnson is doing Olympian twists and turns (safe link) to try to salvage his “right-wing bigotry and hatred” slander regarding the New York cabdriver attack. To see people like this is to witness those who inhabit another world apart from reality. It’s a world that Melanie Phillips explained in The World Turned Upside Down. No truth can break them from the grips of their hatred, and those who deviate from the narrative are not just repudiated, but hounded — even beaten — into silence and subjugation. That’s why leftists get along so well with jihadis. Their goals of ideological domination are one and the same.

William Jacobson has an awesome post on this, “Another Failed Eliminationist Narrative” (via Glenn Reynolds):


Bill Sparkman. Amy Bishop. The Fort Hood Shooter. The IRS Plane Crasher. The Pentagon Shooter.

People who had nothing to do with each other in the real world. In the blogosphere, each of these people was linked by a macabre desire by the left-wing blogosphere to find a crime which fit a narrative of right wing violence inspired by talk radio, Fox News, “wingnut” bloggers, and Tea Partiers.

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It’s the narrative pushed by Dave Neiwart of Crooks and Liars about an “eliminationist” radical right. You could say that Neiwart fancies himself the new Richard Hofstadter, and “eliminationist” is the new “paranoid style” in American politics.

In each case, the facts did not fit the narrative. But the narrative was pushed anyway.

Add the Anti-Muslim Cabbie Stabber to the list. That person is Michael Enright.

The narrative which exploded immediately in the left-wing blogosphere was that right-wing incitement related to the Corboda Mosque and Islamic Center incited Engright to stab a Muslim cab driver, after questioning the driver as to his faith. Here is a taste of the initial reaction from leading blogs …

Check the rest of William’s post for all the usual suspects.

And don’t miss Michelle Malkin’s entry as well, “Left: The NYC Muslim cabbie stabbing was right-wing ISLAMOPHOBIA!…oh, wait a minute…” Michelle links to a classic example from the Village Voice: “Was the Muslim Cab Driver Slashing the First “Ground Zero Mosque.”

This is par for the course. Fortunately though the slanders are being debunked and their perpetrators repudiated. The November election’s going to start the process of removing these freaks from power. It may well take a couple of elections, but radical leftists have badly overreached and their attempts to keep power at all costs have become increasingly extreme. But don’t rest, friends. They’re on the run and we’re going to keep the pressure on. Evil will prevail only in the absence of countervailing moral power. Keep your head in the game and your eyes on the ball. But most of all get in the arena if you’re on the sidelines, and give no quarter. The battle is enjoined!

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