The liberal/Democrat civil war, part xiii


Normally, the “previously” section goes at the bottom of the post. This one’s different, because: I think this’ll get me more hits; and I want to emphasize that the media is, in fact, reporting on liberal/Democrat catfighting. Whether they’re quite as gung-ho about it as they were two and four years ago…well, that is a question.

When Republicans lost in 2008 there were stories everywhere about the Death of the Republican Party. The one in Time Magazine was most enjoyable. While this article talks about the possibility of a comeback, Michael Grunwald can’t mention often enough that Republicans are an “endangered species” and even calling them the Donner Party. Who’s eating their own now?

That’s Ron Futrell, writing at Big Journalism.

Here’s the thing, though: the fact that Time Magazine and all the rest were wrong about the GOP’s and conservatism’s “demise” is all the more reason for us to ignore talk about the Democratic Party’s — or liberalism’s — “demise.” Because there hasn’t been any “demise.” Just a defeat. A defeat on the level of Tyson-Spinks, true. But just a defeat. They’re a political party in a country that doesn’t like to give one side power for very long. They’re not Alderaan.

There’s no such thing as forever. Democrats and liberals will gain power again.

Look at what I just wrote: “will gain power again.” On the national level, they still have most of it. It just doesn’t feel that way. So. You see?

Point being:

  • There’s no such thing as a permanent majority;
  • There’s no such thing as a mandate;
  • Don’t get cocky.

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