The Link RWN And Win Contest

The Link RWN And Win Contest: I want to promote RWN’s new forms of advertising & the page at the same time, so I came up with a little contest for all the bloggers out there. Here’s how it works…

The contest runs from Tuesday, May the 27th through Sunday, June the 1st. To be eligible, all you have to do is send 20 of your readers to RWN over the course of two days and then NOTIFY ME at johnhawkins -at- or post in the comments that you want to participate.

How I we verify that you’ve sent us 20 readers in two days time? Simple, I’m going to go by RWN’s statistics tracker which you can view by going
here. Go to referrers and you can see the numbers.

So what happens then? I’m going to write down all the blogs that are eligible and put them into a hat. 5 people are going to win “daily news ads”. That means you get a link in RWN’s “daily news” section marked as an advertisement. It’s a maximum of 20 words and normally it costs $3.

Better yet, 2 people are going to get to post ads on RWN’s main page. The post will be marked as an advertisement & it can run up to 400 words. The post will begin at the top of the page and will work it’s way down. Posts on RWN’s front page stay up for 3 days. Normally, these ads cost $7.50.

So if you’re looking for a way to get a little bit more attention for your blog, this is a great way to do it and it’s easy enough that even the smallest bloggers should be able to pull it off. Good luck…

***Legal Disclaimer***: RWN reserves the right to decline to allow anyone to participate in the contest and to deny the winner an ad for any reason of our choice. I don’t expect to prevent anyone from participating or winning an ad, but better safe than sorry in our litigious society.

***Update***: The blogs that have asked to be included in the contest and that have thus far sent RWN 20 sets of eyballs are…

Right We Are!
The Catholic Samurai
Gut Rumbles

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