I Still Expect To Find WMD In Iraq

I Still Expect To Find WMD In Iraq: I have to admit that I was surprised that we didn’t almost immediately find with Weapons of Mass Destruction after we took Iraq. After all, you don’t refuse to tell how you destroyed your WMD, have thousands of chem protection suits made for your soldiers, refuse to cooperate with inspectors, build rockets that can carry WMD, keep your scientists from talking to inspectors, have bioweapon labs made, & take tens of billions of dollars in sanctions losses if you don’t have a WMD program. Hell, the inspectors even found a previously disclosed artillery shell filled with mustard gas that the Iraqis hadn’t destroyed well before the war started. So given all that, it’s hard to come up with a scenario that would explain why all those things were going on if Saddam didn’t have WMD.

But of course, the left is already starting to get hysterical and claim that the Bush administration lied about the WMD. Here’s Paul Begala laying the spin on thicker than even the Senate’s biggest windbag Robert Byrd …

“I’m pretty damn angry about these 170 families that are never going to see their daddy again or their son again because they were sent over there to die in the most noble cause you can imagine: for their country.”

…And their country owes it to [those families] to find out why in the world we were so badly misinformed.”

…Which is worse: lying about a girlfriend or lying about a war? There aren’t 169 people dead over Monica Lewinsky. The president must never, never lie – even about who he’s sleeping with – but certainly about sending men to die.”

Were I on left — I’d be VERY careful about going down this road for a number reasons. Polls show the American people aren’t that concerned about it, there are Democrats running for President who backed the invasion as well, there was lots of commonly known evidence that Hussein had WMD, and of course, you always open yourself for devastating replies like, “So what do you want to do, put Saddam in charge & apologize? Should we round the Iraqi kids up and stick them back in prison while we’re at it?”

More importantly, when we come up with a single vial of anthrax or an artillery shell laced with mustard gas, everyone who claims Bush was lying is going to look like an idiot. Personally, I look forward to the day that I wake up to see, “SMOKING GUN!!! WMD FOUND IN IRAQI DESERT” in two-inch high letters on the Drudge Report. Then RWN and pages all over the net are going to compile quotes from people like Begala and we’re going to rub their noses in it. I still think that day is coming and the sound and fury from the left in the interim will only make it sweeter…

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