The Questions Conspiracy Theorists Need To Ask Themselves

The Questions Conspiracy Theorists Need To Ask Themselves: Because I regularly read through offbeat websites in order to compile new editions of “Anyone can post on the internet“, I get a lot of opportunities to peruse the latest crackpot conspiracy theories. During any given week I may read about Planet X, the Illuminati / Free Mason / Jewish / (take your pick) plot to rule the world, concentration camps being prepared across America by the military, the “Bush Family Evil Empire”, and even lizard people who rule world. If some raving moonbat has come up with it, I’ve probably run across it at one point or another.

Now if these ridiculous beliefs were relegated to the fringes of society I probably wouldn’t bother with writing an editorial about shooting down the thinking behind these theories. However, this sort of bizarre paranoia has crept into “mainstream thinking”. Things like the “Jewish Conservatives manipulating the President”, “The Republicans rigged the 2002 elections”, & “Bush knew (about 9/11)” have been tossed around by people many see as more credible than the average fruit loop writing for these conspiracy websites. That’s why I thought it would be worth tossing out a few questions that anyone who starts to buy into these sorts of theories should consider. To begin with…(Cont)

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